Heading for Climate Hell: World on Course for 2.7°C Warming—Can Humanity Survive?

June 4, 2024
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Simon Stiell delivering opening speech at the June UN Climate Meetings.
Simon Stiell delivering opening speech at the June UN Climate Meetings. Photo Credit- Simon Stiell (X Formerly Twitter)

Simon Stiell, chief of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) warned the world is headed for 2.7 degree Celsius warming. He was addressing the opening plenary of UNFCCC at Bonn.  The Bonn talks are being held at the halfway point to the COP (Conference of Parties) 29 , to be hosted by Azerbaijan in Baku in November. Steill said the road to restrict warming to 1.5 degree Celsius is extremely steep. He stressed the importance of international cooperation, without which the world would be headed “ for up to 5 degree Celsius hearing.” 

 In that heat most of humanity likely couldn’t survive. The Bonn talks , between Jun3 and 13 , are being held as a preparation for the 29th COP to be held in Baku, Azerbaijan in November. Nabeel  Munir, the chair of the Subsidiary Body for implementation of UN FCCC, urged that the climate crisis is no longer a distant threat. 

 According to Munir , the climate Crisis ( CC) is really affecting each of us. He wrote on X, “ in Papua  New Guinea, a devastating landslide buried 2,000 People. In Pakistan and India  temperatures soared to 50 degree Celsius; in Panama the entire island is sinking.” 

 The agenda for the Bonn Climate talks was adopted on Monday after it was blocked twice. Once it was by climate activists who protested against the human rights violations in Gaza during the plenary. Russia said compelled to object as some of its experts were not provided the visas needed to attend the meeting . This was another protest. 

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The talks must take into account demands of developing countries with regards to climate finance, the experts stressed. Discussions on New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance ( NCQG) have  emerged contentious  in the past as the developing and developed countries have presented opposing views. COP29 President designate Mukhtar Babayev’s task is quite difficult to bridge the gap between the opposing views of developing and developed countries. 

The Bonn talks are being held at the halfway point to the COP29 summit which is being hosted by Azerbajanin Baku in November. According to Simon Stiell, chief of UNFCCC, road to 1.5 degree Celsius goal is steep. It needs international cooperation. 

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