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We at Karmactive value ethics as well as creativity and dream of a sustainable future for all. We all are currently at a critical juncture in time. We can either lead the planet into a healthy and sustainable future or gradually fall into a natural apocalypse, caused by the looming climate crisis, triggered by human activities. We are on a mission to bring you critical news and unheard stories that can open your eyes and inspire you in many ways to take action. Our intentions lie in helping people in their daily struggle against unhealthy stereotypes, environmental abuse & above all the climate calamities that await us. Nothing is untouchable for us. So join us to make a world conducive to nature. Let us try to make our lives full of healthier choices. Surely we can kill ignorance, be frank & truthful & give up hesitation to compliment or criticise. Above all, let us remind ourselves that the choice is in our hands and empower ourselves with the capability of making choices.