Wildlife at India's 2024 Elections Campaign, Photo Credit: Karmactive.com

Wildlife at India’s 2024 Elections: Imaginary Polls Shed Light on Nature’s Demands During Voting Season

India is in the middle of the biggest general election ever. Almost one billion voters are voting to elect the 18th Lok Sabha, making it the largest in the world. There are polling officers, election agents, returning officers, election observers, and a battalion of staff making polling arrangements, besides police on law and order duty. Amidst the election campaigns and voting schedules, there is a silent world within the environment watching this

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Trashboard Skate Board, Photo Credit: Trashboard.fr

How Trashboard Turns Airbus Waste into High-Performance Skateboards

Our world needs a series of overhauls in the way we consume products and even how the products are manufactured. Trashboard, an eco-friendly/sustainable  skateboard crafted from a fusion of reconditioned carbon from aircraft and recycled cardboard can be one answer you can’t ignore. In order to give new life to their discarded aeronautic components, each

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