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The Urgent Threat to California’s Iconic Condor Population: Avian Influenza Outbreak Kills 18 and Counting

The California condor population, one of America’s largest birds, is facing a significant threat in the form of a highly contagious avian influenza. The disease has caused the deaths of at least 18 condors around the Grand Canyon in Arizona in the last month. Californian biologists are scrambling to prevent the spread of the disease to other parts of the state, including Big Sur. A variety of other bird species in California

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Bombardier’s EcoJet Redefines Sustainable Aviation by Reducing Emissions by Half

Bombardier, the well known aerospace manufacturer, is planning to revolutionize aviation with its highly anticipated blended-wing ‘EcoJet.’ The EcoJet aims to cut down emissions by a staggering 50%, potentially, a significant leap forward in sustainable aviation. The first phase of testing on a small-scale model was recently completed. This marks an exciting milestone on its

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Surfboards Made From Reclaimed Wood

Surfboards Made From Reclaimed Wood


Ventana Surfboards and Supplies based in Santa Cruz, California, create hollow & reclaimed wooden surfboards; bodysurfing hand panels, eco-friendly and sustainable surf supplies. Surfboards made out of reclaimed wood are very unconventional and enthralling. Ventana Surfboards & Supplies strive to be environmentally responsible. Their boards are high performance and surfable



Witness The Rare Pink Dolphins


Our planet is home to many wonders in the world. People may look at monuments with amazement but the beauty of biodiversity