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Surfboards Made From Reclaimed Wood


Ventana Surfboards and Supplies based in Santa Cruz, California, create hollow & reclaimed wooden surfboards; bodysurfing hand panels, eco-friendly and sustainable surf supplies. Surfboards made out of reclaimed wood are very unconventional and enthralling. Ventana Surfboards & Supplies strive to be environmentally responsible. Their boards are high performance and surfable

Marina Silva, Brazilian Eco-Warrior & Politician

It is said that Nature protects if it is protected. Marina Silva of Brazil happens to be on the forefront of Nature protection in Brazil. Marina Silva was born on 8 February, 1958, at Acre in Brazil. Her family with


Rare Black Tiger Spotted In Odisha

Praveen Kashwan from Indian Forestry Service recently tweeted about the recent sighting of Black Tiger in Orissa. According to his research report there are pseudo-melanistic tigers found in Simlipal. They are due to genetic mutation. This rare tiger was first


About Us

We value ethics & creativity, with a dream of a sustainable future for all. We in Karmactive welcome all types of contributions from all walks of life. Our intentions lie in helping people in their daily struggle against poverty, injustice, disease & above all climate change that directly affects our lives. Nothing is untouchable for us. So join us to make a world conducive to nature. Let us try to make our lives full of healthier choices. Surely we can kill ignorance, be frank & truthful & give up hesitation to compliment or criticise. Above all, let us remind ourselves that the choice is in our hands and empower ourselves with the power of making choices.