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The many positions you can take up with us.

1. Journalism Internship

We are looking to recruit a Intern Reporter/Journalist (Multimedia) to join our team.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Researching and sourcing news, videos and other related information for your assigned content vertical.
  • Develop stories along with supporting images to be published.
  • Evaluating news for authenticity and checking with sources to ensure the correctness of published stories.
  • Report news on tight deadlines, which includes making calls, asking tough questions, and aggressively pursuing a story when needed.
  • Create and send weekly newsletter /reports.
  • Working closely with video editors to facilitate efficient output.
  • Write and publish multiple pieces on a daily basis, ranging from quick 400- word items to in- depth multi- page pieces.
  • Ensuring all video texts/write-ups follow a consistent writing style & required synergy in content as per the briefs.
  • Fact-checking, proofreading and editing final translated versions of the video content.
  • Monitoring all feeds from various news sources, keeping up with all the local and global current affairs
  • Work closely with colleagues to plan and execute upcoming filming schedules
  • Develop fresh angles and offer new insights for readers & viewers
  • Call on various agencies/individuals to get the appropriate information or contact details and news
  • Stay on top of all the news events coming out of the sector and be able to follow- up on it.


  • Degree in Journalism, Communications, English or relevant field
  • Superb communication and networking skills, along with an aptitude to effectively extract information
  • You will have a flair for creative writing, able to bring new and interesting angles to stories
  • Interests in environmental issues and knowledge of environmental developments across the world is important
  • Creative, strategic mindset to support the growth of franchises
  • Active on social media platforms
  • Familiarity with MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Understanding of Video Production Process

2. Social Media Marketing Internship

We are looking to recruit a Social Media Marketing Intern to join our team.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Daily publishing content across the social media platforms
  • Drive traffic to publishing pages, website and generate interest in various stories published on the website.
  • Promote our stories on various Facebook/Linkedin Groups
  • Collaborate with Facebook/Linkedin Group Admins to promote our articles and videos
  • Share social media posts, You tube videos on Facebook/Linkedin Groups and other platforms
  • Search for influencers for collaborations to promote our website, brand and content
  • Managing the Social Media profiles of Karmactive
  • Regularly create and share progress report
  • Manage the social media calendar
  • Build online communities and keep them engaged with suitable content
  • Brainstorm campaign ideas


  • Keen interest in Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter as well as alternative and upcoming platforms
  • Strong interpersonal, creative, presentation, influencing, facilitation, organizational, prioritization, decision making, analytical, multi tasking skills
  • Deadline-oriented, inquisitive, with great follow-up and reporting skills
  • Will be an excellent communicator, with brilliant presentation and organizational skills
  • Ability to think both creatively and strategically
  • Quick and enthusiastic learner
  • Creativity in developing tactics for engaging audience towards the community
  • Excellent Communication skills & Relationship building skills
  • Self-motivated and goal-oriented , desire to deliver results
  • You have demonstrated proactive approaches to creating new avenues on editorial content
  • You can adapt to various competing demands on parallel projects

3. Graphic Design & Video Internship

We looking to recruit a Graphic Design & Video Intern to join our team.

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Technical knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite: proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

• Mandatory – Video editing skills using Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects, or Final Cut Pro.

• Produce the required artworks (SM posts, banners, menus, brochures, tent cards, etc) from time-to-time

• Designing creatives for inorganic campaigns (Google, Facebook, and ads)

• Ensuring involvement in other digital marketing exercises

• Exploring about the latest trends pertaining to the field of designing. In-depth understanding of Typography and Layout.

• Gaining experience in creative projects in visualization, creative, and execution

• Manage multiple deliverables with minimum guidance and without compromising quality.

• Come up with fresh creative ideas and concepts on behalf of the company

• Provide creative feedback and new updates to the core team members.

• Work on cross-medium projects : print, interactive & on-line

• Organizing planning, & prioritizing the deliverables.

• Translate visual/verbal concepts and creative strategy into tangible print or digital designs.

• Conduct brainstorming sessions with the creative team from time to time


• Need to know how to operate Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro & After Effects

• Passion and Energy: A vibrant personality who is confident, deeply in love with what they do and expresses his/her/their opinions/ideas freely without necessarily being loud, and is open to convert those ideas into actions, products and content. We look for passionate generalists who have multiple facets to their personality and can multi-task rather than serious specialists.

• Communication Skills: Strong communication skills/vocabulary in English is a major plus

• Content Creation Experience: We love people who are passionate about creating content and know how to get an applause from an audience either through their art/designs/videos/music/any type of content

• Social Media Skills : Know how about social media is very important and the urge to explore newer platforms will be favoured

• Camera Presence & Operation: Video content creation where appearing in front of the camera every now and then in either a scripted/unscripted fashion. If you’re open and good at this, you have an additional edge. Secondly ability to operate cameras & other film production devices will earn you more commendation.

• Empathy and Openness: Be open to other opinions, points of view and new experiences

• A self-sufficient team player: We love people who can put the mission and the audience above everything else and work with a team to fulfil the vision, keep audience informed and engaged. Should be also be able to work individually with a given direction, take decisions on their own without the need for hand-holding or improve yourself towards the same goal.

• Experimentation: Most of what we do involves finding solutions in the most unexpected ways and places under a tight budget.

*This Is An Unpaid Internship. This Internship Is For Individuals Seeking To Learn And Polish Their Skills. This Program Is Not For Professionals Seeking Monetary Imbursements.

4. Photography & Videography Internship

We looking to recruit a Photography & Videography Intern to join our team.

As a photography and videography intern, you will be part of our content creation team at Karmactive Team

Your key responsibilities:

• Product Photography: Styling, shoot and editing photos

• Lifestyle Photography: Shooting and editing photos

• Editorial Photography: Idea & concept, shoot & edit

• Researching and studying for preproduction of fiction and non-fiction films

• Location scouting, reiki, planning production design & post production activities

• Filming and editing unique stories/videos that can engage

• Sourcing, organizing, and collecting props and other shoot elements

• Managing & organising the camera gears, lights, rigs & supplementary equipment

• Managing & organising footages/imagery, visual assets, hard drives and digital data

• Discovering talent and coordinating with colleagues, models & technical personals

• Assisting with the production and operations of shoot days and schedules

• Creating call sheets and communicating with all persons to ensure the smooth running of the shoot days

• Keep update to date with the latest trends in social media, popular culture, and reels

• Planning screenings for the team and involved subjects

*This Is An Unpaid Internship. This Internship Is For Individuals Seeking To Learn And Polish Their Skills. This Program Is Not For Professionals Seeking Monetary Imbursements.