Hovering on a Dream: The DIY Invention that Took the Tech World by Storm

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The tech world has been taken by storm after Hideyasu Ito’s homemade hovercraft went viral on social media. Ito showcased his invention at Maker Faire Tokyo, which caught the attention of British YouTuber Tom Scott. To meet Ito and experience his unique hovercraft firsthand, Scott traveled to Tsubame City.

Continually improving his design through several iterations, Ito has been running his own “micro hovercraft laboratory” for years. The idea for Ito to invent a hovercraft was sparked by a cheap leaf blower he purchased years ago with no real use in mind.

Ito’s hovercraft consists of four fans that fill up four plastic containers like balloons, propelling the driver just a few centimeters above the ground. With dreams of creating a version that can be worn on the feet, Ito plans to continue developing his hovercraft.

The design of the hovercraft utilizes parts from bicycles and radio-controlled cars, as well as components sourced from China. Allowing others to recreate it easily, Ito makes his invention using simple tools. Trying out Ito’s hovercraft and experiencing its unique ride was a rare privilege for Tom Scott.

The latest hovercraft designs by Ito resemble a bicycle mounted on a pontoon boat, making it a ” steerable bouncy castle.” A passion project to see what he can create; Ito’s hovercraft is not just for profit or clicks. A visit to Japan by Tom Scott was filled with exciting experiences, including trying out Ito’s hovercraft.

Making it a truly unique creation, the hovercraft is a homemade product, invented by one curious Japanese. The hovercraft laboratory of Hideyasu Ito is a testament to the DIY spirit and passion for invention.

The hovercraft of Ito is proof that anyone can create something amazing with curiosity, persistence, and simple tools. The video of Tom Scott featuring Ito’s hovercraft is a celebration of innovation and the power of viral content to showcase unique creations.

Who knows what other exciting creations he will come up with in the future, with Ito’s hovercraft making waves in the tech world?

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