Unveiling Lancia Pu+Ra HPE: The Next Decade’s Vision for Electric Mobility

April 29, 2023
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Source- Lancia/facebook.com

Lancia unveiled its first 100% electric car, the Pu+Ra HPE, at Milan Design Week 2023. Pu+Ra HPE signifies the embodiment of Lancia’s vision for electric mobility in the next decade. The Pu+Ra HPE’s design is a manifestation of Lancia’s new “pure” and “radical” design language.

High Performance Electric is the full form of HPE in the Pu+Ra HPE, a car that is eco-sustainable, exciting, and evolved. The new car is expected to have a range of over 700 kilometers and take just over 10 minutes to be fully charged.

The exterior of the Pu+ Ra HPE is named “progressive green,” symbolizing Lancia’s value toward renewable energy. The CEO of Lancia, Luca Napolitano, said that the Pu+Ra HPE is the brand’s vision for the next 10 years of electric mobility.

The concept of the Pu+Ra HPE is expected to guide Lancia’s design philosophy for the next decade. SALA technology is used by the Pu+Ra HPE, which centralizes audio, climate control, and lighting conditions for total control of the car’s environment.

The tape technology of Lancia allows for three cabin ambiance modes: immersive, well-being, and elegance. The interior of the Pu+Ra HPE is inspired by Italian upscale furniture maker Cassina.

Wrapped in wool cloth, the deep bucket Maralunga armchairs have been sourced by Cassina in Viareggio, Italy. The Pu+Ra HPE’s entire dashboard is tastefully sheathed in wool, velvet, and wood marquetry. The panels of the door are fabricated with nubuck leather and marble dust.

The Pu+Ra HPE’s expansive roof offers panoramic views and auto-dimming features. The technology of SALA in the Pu+Ra HPE brings together audio and lighting functions in a single system. The sound system, cabin temperature, and brightness level of light inside the vehicle ,can be controlled by the driver with a single tap.

The new car responds well to voice commands for hands-free instruction. With three modes, the Pu+Ra HPE adapts to the driver’s and passenger’s moods and the car’s ambiance accordingly. The Pu+Ra HPE’s Well-Being mode can anticipate the moods of the driver and passenger and help improve their state by changing the atmosphere onboard based on the detected data.

The car concept of Lancia’s Pu+Ra HPE is eco-sustainable, exciting, and evolving all at once. A symbol of Lancia’s future-forward vision and values toward renewable energy is the Pu+Ra HPE. The New Era of Lancia is not only about design but also about technology, as seen in the Pu+Ra HPE. The Pu+Ra HPE from Lancia is an impressive concept that will set the bar high for the electric car market.

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