Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Innovation Takes EV Range to New Heights: Unleashing Cutting-Edge Technology with F1 Expertise

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Mercedes-Benz is set to launch a production EV that benefits from the technological advancements of the Vision EQXX rolling laboratory in 2024. A four-door sedan sized similar to the CLA will be the brand’s “entry luxury” EV, the first EV launched under it.

The AMG performance variant that will follow in 2025 will receive some of the EQXX’s active aerodynamics, including a moving diffuser and active spoiler. The upcoming EV, which achieved a range of 1,202 kilometers in June this year, will be packed with technology from the EQXX.

The Vision EQXX concept will inform the new EV platform that Mercedes will launch next year. As per Mercedes’ desire, the entire vehicle development process will have heavy involvement from the automaker’s F1 team.

According to Mercedes’ belief that the team’s mindset and technological expertise will help to build more efficient battery-powered vehicles quickly and at reduced costs. The automaker hopes to keep up with Tesla with this move.

The dedicated EV platform promises unprecedented range and performance capabilities. The compact battery pack used in the EQXX allows for a more spacious cabin as well as lower vehicle weight and height, enhancing both range and handling.

With the new-generation electric motor, dubbed eATS2.0, efficiency will be significantly increased while freeing up space in the chassis and reducing weight. With the F1 team’s knowledge of aerodynamics and electric motors helping Mercedes, an average of 58 months of development time was cut down to closer to 40 months.

The upcoming EV, which will be among the first to do so, will use the Mercedes-Benz Modular Architecture (MMA) platform. With the new EV being around 4.7 meters (185 inches) long, a much-needed competitor in the segment will be given to the brand.

In its quest to build more efficient EVs, the U.K.-based team has been enlisted by the German luxury marque. According to the automaker, technology tested and honed on the racetrack has been appearing on mass-market vehicles for decades now.

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According to Mercedes’ belief, building more efficient battery-powered vehicles quickly and at reduced costs will be helped by the F1 team’s mindset and technological experts.

As stated by the automaker, the Vision EQXX will not directly evolve into a production car. Capable of driving more than 745 miles on a single charge, last year’s exciting Vision EQXX concept was developed with the help of the F1 team.

The automaker hopes to see what its Formula 1 team can do away from the racetrack. Mercedes-Benz is trying something different with its F1 team’s involvement in the entire vehicle development process.

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