Intel’s Meteor Lake iGPU: The Ultimate Showdown for the Future of Graphics Performance

May 9, 2023
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Intel’s Meteor Lake desktop chips may not be launched in the near future, but the mobile chips are truly promising. As per some industry experts, the integrated GPU on Meteor Lake-equipped laptops could rival Nvidia’s GTX 1650.

Intel’s Meteor Lake GPU will kill the need for a discrete graphics chip on entry-level laptops, offering great performance and longer battery life.

Moore’s Law is Dead, a popular YouTuber, shares a slide from an internal presentation by AMD comparing its upcoming integrated graphics with Nvidia’s discrete solutions, including what else? Intel’s Meteor Lake iGPU!

The Meteor Lake chip comes with 128 execution units (EUs), but as per Wccftech, a weaker design with 64 EUs will also be available. The integrated GPU on the Meteor Lake chip is expected to perform better than AMD’s predictions.

The Meteor Lake iGPU is projected to enable performance anywhere between the NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti and the RTX 3050 at 45W. The Meteor Lake GPU tile will be fabricated on the TSMC 5nm node and will provide over 4 TFLOPs of compute horsepower.

Intel’s Meteor Lake GPUs will have two configuration options, a 64 EU (MTL GT2) and 128 EU (MTL GT3) design. It will also offer enhanced support for DirectX 12 Ultimate and XeSS, features that are only supported by the Alchemist lineup as of now.

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Intel will also use the brand new Adamantine L4 cache starting with Meteor Lake GPUs, which will boost the GPUs’ performance. A laptop with Meteor Lake’s iGPU could even offer an highly increased battery life.

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Intel Meteor Lake is expected to deliver performance that places it among the best CPUs in laptops this year, at least in terms of integrated graphics. Intel’s iGPU on Meteor Lake is powerful enough to deliver decent gaming performance while consuming less power.

The upcoming laptops with Meteor Lake could deliver a battery life that exceeds 13 to 15 hours. The true capabilities of Intel’s Xe-LPG GPUs will become clearer when they are benchmarked in gaming scenarios.

Intel’s Meteor Lake chips are planned for launch in Q4 2023. Intel’s Vision event happening this month is expected to reveal more information about the capabilities of its Xe-LPG GPUs.

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