Lamborghini Finally Goes Electric: Introducing a Fourth Model to its Lineup with the 2+2 Crossover

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A 2+2 crossover, its first full-electric model, is set to be released by Lamborghini, adding a fourth model to its range.

Stephen Winkelman, CEO, confirmed that a second-generation Urus SUV will follow swiftly after the first electric model. Lamborghini’s sports cars could keep petroleum power as part of a plugin hybrid system for at least two more generations.

An electric Lamborghini’s duo will dramatically reduce the company’s fleet-average CO2 emissions. Lamborghini will be allowed by the new EVs to be subject to different emissions regulations than mainstream makers due to its low-volume production.

According to Winkelman, the first electric car from Lamborghini will be a 2+2 grand tourer.

The first electric car from Lamborghini’s is set to be released in 2028. A totally new fourth model in the Lamborghini lineup will be the new electric model. An electric crossover Lamborghini is expected to draw inspiration from the Lamborghini Estoque concept.

The LE concept was never produced due to its cost of development versus projected sales. A rapid development of Lamborghini ‘s SUV offerings was focused on with funds instead. An Urus facelift will be introduced by Lamborghini, with a hybrid powertrain ahead of a full model change.

Owing to its floor-mounted battery, the EV is expected to sit higher. Given that it is likely to use the same Bentley/Audi-developed Artemis platform, the 2+2 might also be a two-door version. The EV strategy of Lamborghini to launch the 2+2 first & then the new LU (Lamborghini Urus) was a result of family-oriented customers being open to going electric.

The two super-sports cars referred to are the recently unveiled Revuelto & the Huracan’s replacement. Lamborghini’s plan is to launch the Urus’s replacement, which will also be an EV, a year after the first electric car debuts.

A grand tourer for a 2025 debut was rumored to be developed by Lamborghini in 2019. The grand plans of Lamborghini for a grand tourer haven’t changed that much despite going fully electric.

The new electric model of Lamborghini will have significantly more dramatic styling to differentiate it from other Lamborghini’s. The new electric model of Lamborghini will be a good add-on to the two super-sports cars & the SUV.

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