The Ingenuity helicopter completed its 51st flight on April 22, 2023.

May 1, 2023
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Ingenuity traveled a distance of 188 meters and reached a maximum altitude of 12 meters above the Martian surface during the flight. During the flight, another image of the Perseverance mothership was captured by Ingenuity. Ingenuity’s flight log records the trip as ahoy from Airfield Mu to Airfield Nu.

Ingenuity also captured an image of debris left over from the landing sequence in early 2021, in addition to the view of Perseverance. Ingenuity-captured and recently released views of the Martian landscape are grand & look quite earthly.

Eroded, windswept hills roll through the horizon, while the rocky desert is in the foreground of the image. Adding to the overall grandeur of the view, the sky in the image is bright. Currently, the Perseverance rover is parked at a rock nicknamed “Echo Creek.”

Distance measurements are being conducted by the persistence team while studying the rocks in the region. The rocks in the region seem to be brighter than surrounding areas in the orbital images, as they look fractured into polygon-shaped patterns.

Belva Crater, an interesting surface feature with a shallower depth-to-diameter ratio than other craters, houses both perseverance and ingenuity. Questions about the role water played in shaping the landforms on Mars are raised by the formation of Jezero Crater.

River channels brought water into the crater, which formed during an ancient impact event and created a lake inside at least 3.5 billion years ago. Questions about the duration of the water’s presence and whether it sustained any kind of life were raised by the sequence of events.

The image of Ingenuity shows the ends of two of the spacecraft’s legs as it hovers in the air. A small shadow of Ingenuity on the ground can also be spotted in the image. Located near the top left, the Perseverance rover is easily visible in the image.

With two horizontal lines running to the right across the image, the wheels of the rover can be seen in the image. Just below the rover, a small piece of debris left over from the landing sequence can also be seen.

Providing unique views of the Martian landscape and its mothership, Ingenuity’s 51st flight on Mars exceeds the mission planner’s expectations of five flights.

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