Dawn Aerospace’s Rocket-Powered Spaceplane: Mk-II Aurora is a Game Changer for Space Industry

April 28, 2023
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Source- dawnaerospace.com

A rocket-powered space plane that aims to become the first aircraft to fly to space twice a day is the Mk-II Aurora. The New Zealand-based company behind the spaceplane, Dawn Aerospace, successfully completed three test flights last week, achieving all test objectives.

Flying the Mak-ll Aurora to a height of 6, 000 feet at speeds of 196 mph was carried out in the latest series of tests. A major milestone for the company, the rocket-powered engine rules out previously used jet engines for its test flights.

The goal of Dawn Aerospace is to build a fully reusable craft that can quickly and sustainably send satellites into space. The Mk-ll Aurora is envisioned by the company as the world’s first fully reusable satellite launcher.

A small payload of 2.2 pounds can be carried by the new spaceplane, designed to take off and land on a runway. The Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand has approved the Mk-ll Aurora to fly out of conventional airports alongside civil aircraft.

The horizontal takeoff and landing capabilities of the spacecraft eliminate the need for dedicated runways or special restrictions. The focus of Dawn Space is on reusable rockets, making space more accessible by lowering launch costs and increasing launch frequency.

The aim of the company is to achieve 100 to 1,000 flights per plane. A key consideration for the company is sustainability, and it aims to build something that can be used in the long run.

The company has reached one step closer to producing reusable spaceplanes in a scalable and sustainable way by the success of the latest test flights. The new spaceplane is a monumental achievement for the small and capable team at Dawn Aerospace.

$13 million is raised by the company to build a successor to the Mk-ll Aurora that can carry a 550-pound payload into orbit. CEO of DA (Dawn Aerospace), Stefan Powell, hailed the latest test flights as monumental achievements for the company.

The rocket-powered engine of the Mk-ll Aurora is a game changer for the company and paves the way for faster, higher-altitude flights in the future. The aim of the company is to certify the new spaceplane as an aircraft, which would allow it to fly as frequently as it wants within the parameters of the certification.

The focus of the company on rapid reusability sets it apart from other rocket makers, making space travel more accessible than ever before. The success of the spaceplane in flying with rocket engines validates DA’s vision for a fully reusable and sustainable spaceplane.

The way of the company is cleared to achieve its goal of becoming the world’s first fully reusable satellite launcher. The rocket-powered engine of the Mk-ll Aurora is a major breakthrough for the company and the future of space travel.

It’s been demonstrated by the recent test flights that the Mk-II Aurora can operate like an aircraft even with its more powerful propulsion system. DA’s rocket-powered spaceplane is a symbol of innovation, sustainability, and the future of space travel.

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