SpaceX’s Starship Torch: The Miniature Flamethrower That Will Ignite Your Inner Space Enthusiast

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While SpaceX may have failed to launch its first orbital test flight of the Starship vehicle, it has managed to launch the Starship Torch, a miniature version of the spacecraft.

Wit a price tag of $175, space as well as cooking enthusiasts can now own this unique torch that resembles the Starship spacecraft. The Starship Torch uses conventional butane and can be used for culinary purposes, lighting candles, or even starting a fireplace.

The torch is built on a 1:200 scale and comes with a flame regulator and a safety lock. The item is currently available for pre-order on SpaceX’s website and will be shipped during the summer. The Starship Torch is not a toy, according to SpaceX.

The real Starship spacecraft uses three Raptor engines and three Raptor Vacuum engines, while the Super Heavy rocket has 33 Raptor engines and will be the most powerful rocket when launched. SpaceX offers an array of branded items on its website, including apparel, a backpack, water bottle, and a mug.

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The Starship Torch can be refilled with standard butane canisters, which are not included with the product. The torch is a unique collector’s item and an excellent addition to the kitchen of a true fan of the aerospace industry. The Starship Torch is a small ingenuity that bridges the gap between a collector’s item and a kitchen utensil.

The Torch can be used to caramelize sugar, melt cheese, or light candles, all while adding a space-style touch. The miniature Starship spacecraft can be proudly displayed in your home when the Torch is not in use.

While the Starship Torch may seem like an odd product, it is a testament to SpaceX’s creative marketing strategies and Elon Musk’s entrepreneurial spirit. The sale of the Starship Torch may even help fund the development of the Starship spacecraft and its eventual launch into outer space.

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