From the Future to Reality: The Jetson One Electric Flying Car Now Available for Purchase

May 8, 2023
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A Swedish company has launched an electric flying car called the Jetson One, which is available for purchase. With a down payment of $8,000, the Jetson One electric flying car has been launched for sale at a price of $98,000.

Designed to be easy to fly, anyone can learn to fly it in just a few minutes. The company claims that the sky is for everyone, and their mission is to make it possible for anyone to enjoy flying in the air with their flying electric car.

The design of the Jetson One is similar to that of a drone, an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle. The Jetson One provides a flight time of approximately 20 minutes and a top speed of 63 mph, or 101 km per hour.

The altitude and direction of the vehicle are controlled by two joysticks in the Jetson one, and with a few minutes of training, it can be easily flown by anyone. Thanks to its 88-kilowatt battery pack capacity, the electric car can rise about 1,500 feet above the ground.

Jetson One’s four propellers give it a maximum speed of 63 miles or 101 kilometers per hour. Safety features like a ballistic parachute are installed in the Jetson One and deploy automatically in case of an emergency during flight.

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As the Jetson one weighs only 190 pounds, or 86 kilograms, confirming to US Federal Aviation Administration regulations for ultralight vehicles, it is not necessary to have a pilot’s license to operate it in the US.

Designed to be safe, the Jetson One is equipped with hands-free hover functions. Equipped with the flying car, an automatic landing feature is powered by GPS on the top and LIDAR on the bottom.

Underneath the pilot’s bucket seat, a battery made from carbon fiber and Kevlar is tucked into the electric car. The chassis of Jetson One was inspired by the same technology used in race cars, ensuring its safety.

As the official booking of its flying electric car has been started by Jetson on its website, it will be delivered within the year. Designed by Jetson, the FAA requirements for an ultralight vehicle are met by the Jetson one.

The company has not yet shared details of the Jetson One’s range, charging time, and others. Set to be sold only in the US market, the delivery of the Jetson One will also start only in the US.

Jetson One is an electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle with a structure similar to a helicopter. The Jetson one can be safely landed with the help of LIDAR sensors, even if one of the propeller motors fails.

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