Discover How the Trident LS-1 is Redefining Waterfront Commutes: The World’s First Hydrofoil Electric Car-Boat

May 23, 2024
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Trident LS-1 - The World’s First Hydrofoil Electric Car-Boat. ( Source: Poseidon AmphibWorks Corporation )
Trident LS-1 - The World’s First Hydrofoil Electric Car-Boat. ( Source: Poseidon AmphibWorks Corporation )

Man’s innovation has no boundaries. From bullock carts to flying cars, it’s been a long journey in the modes of transport. The latest addition to transport is a car-boat vehicle. The car-boat vehicle has gotten a new avatar. A tranquil experience will be provided by Poseidon AmphibWorks, a company based in San Diego and Miami. The company promises to revolutionize the car-boat vehicle sector.

Founder and CEO of the company, Steve Tice, said he sought to create a vehicle for the day-to-day commute since most existing amphibious vehicles move over water as bumpily as a jet ski. Tice and amphibious vehicles expert Andy Langsfeld have been working on the TridentLS-1 since 2021. The vehicle features blades or vanes, functioning as a hydrofoil. It elevates the body of the boat for a smoother ride.

According to Tice, hydrofoils remove 60% of the drag over sea to enable steadier turns because the hull is out of the water. According to the company, the TridentLS-1 will be the world’s first hydrofoil electric car-boat designed to prevent seasickness crises by a vessel’s erratic motion on water. Steve Tice told USA Today, “People that couldn’t even ride in small boats will finally be able to ride without any motion sickness. So basically, flying over the water, because gravity is still pushing you through your rear end, you still feel like you’re on an airplane. When you make a turn, it doesn’t feel strange, it feels natural.”

The Trident LS-1 is an electric three-wheel vehicle. It will reach speeds of up to 95 mph (152 km/h) on land and drive directly onto the water along a launching ramp. According to Tice, the Trident LS-1 will use multi-modal transportation for getting to the office or having a weekend fishing trip. It is for those who live near water.

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The vehicle features a center driver seat, two rear ones, and an additional fold-down center seat. The 7-foot-long vehicle will be parked in a garage, a key requirement for the engineering company. According to Tice, the vehicle also removes the need for a tow vehicle, which runs the risk of falling into the water while releasing a boat.

The vehicle will run on three wheels to avoid adding extra weight while maintaining the stability of any four-wheeler. He added that the car-boat will have all necessary safety features, from airbags and a tubular aluminum roll cage to multiple cameras.

The Trident LS-1 is a car-boat that moves like a plane, as a hydrofoil. The vehicle ensures riders avoid all the ripples of 1- to 2-foot waves, while not made for high surf. Tice said, “You’re basically flying over the water at about 3 feet.” The vanes or blades of the hydrofoil retract into the vehicle when driving on land, so they can’t be damaged by road objects like rocks.

Users have control over much of the vanes as they are deployed, while moving on water, depending on the depth of the water. Tice added that it’s also a “very maneuverable boat” that uses thrusters that turn on a dime, allowing the vehicle to stay in one spot over water for fishing or head toward any direction.

The vehicle is to be sold in the $100,000 to $130,000 range. Anyone will be able to take the car-boat for a spin, with proper boat registration and a driver’s license. In short, Poseidon AmphibWorks is combining cars, boats, and hydrofoils for the next new mode of transport action in the form of Trident LS-1.

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