BMW and TYDE Reveal THE OPEN: Next Step in Sustainable, High-End Hydrofoil Yachting

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THE OPEN, Photo Source: Tyde
THE OPEN, Photo Source: Tyde

TYDE, led by Christoph Ballin and in collaboration with BMW and its subsidiary Designworks, introduces THE OPEN, a hydrofoiling luxury yacht. This follows the successful launch of The Icon at the Cannes Yachting Festival. THE OPEN marks a significant advancement in sustainable maritime mobility.

Boasting a length of nearly 15 meters, THE OPEN is currently the largest electric motor yacht with hydrofoil technology designed for private individuals. The yacht’s design, a product of BMW Group’s creative studio Designworks, emphasizes luxury and innovation.

THE OPEN, Photo Source: Tyde

Hydrofoiling, integral to THE OPEN, significantly reduces water resistance, allowing the yacht to glide above the water. This technology ensures an efficient and smooth ride, using up to 80% less energy compared to traditional yachts. Christoph Ballin, co-founder and managing director of TYDE, emphasizes the elegance and sustainability of this approach.

THE OPEN, Photo Source: Tyde

The yacht’s interior includes a helm with bench seating, a dining area with sofas and a table, and a sunpad and bathing platform. Large windows enhance the luxurious ambiance with natural lighting. The roof features solar cells, contributing to the yacht’s sustainable profile.

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THE OPEN is powered by a 400kWh bank of BMW i3 batteries and twin 100kW Torqeedo Deep Blue electric motors. It boasts a 50-nm range at a 25-knot cruise speed and a top speed of 30 knots.

BMW and TYDE’s collaboration represents a step forward in sustainable maritime travel. Stefan Ponikva, Vice President of Brand Communication and Brand Experience at BMW, highlights the use of automotive technology to enhance sustainable mobility on water.

Orders for THE OPEN are now being accepted, with the first deliveries expected in autumn 2024. This yacht exemplifies the growing focus on eco-friendly practices in the maritime industry and the potential for innovation in luxury watercraft.

THE OPEN, resulting from the partnership between TYDE and BMW, sets a new standard for luxury, sustainability, and technological advancement in the yachting industry. Its hydrofoil technology and elegant design position it as a leader in eco-friendly maritime travel, paving the way for future developments in this sector.

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