XPeng AeroHT’s 2025 eVTOL Launch: Transforming Urban Air Mobility with Innovative Flying Cars

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Pushing the limits of urban air mobility is XPeng AeroHT, a division of XPeng Motors and a significant player in the eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) market. Two cutting-edge ideas from their most recent offerings—an eVTOL flying supercar and the modular “Land Aircraft Carrier” flying car—were showcased at CES 2024.

The eVTOL flying supercar is an electric vehicle that can be used for both road transport and flight. It is still a concept that is somewhat unknown. Deployable rotors for vertical takeoff and landing are part of the design, demonstrating a dual-use capability that combines the practicality of driving with the effectiveness of flight.


The modular design of the “Land Aircraft Carrier” is quite intriguing. The Ground Module and the Air Module are the two parts of this vehicle. The Ground Module is an electric car that resembles a futuristic van and can carry four to five people. It has a rear-wheel steering system and 6×6 all-wheel drive. On the other hand, the Air Module is a small, two-person electric helicopter with manual and automatic operation capabilities that is intended for vertical takeoff and landing. Interestingly, the Ground Module’s cabin may be used to charge the Air Module, shielding it from the elements. This modular design shows a flexible approach to personal and urban transportation, which is a significant improvement in the eVTOL market.

Another creation of XPeng Aeroht is the unmanned eVTOL Voyager X2, which can carry two passengers. Its design ensures a seamless transition between the two modes of flight with many rotors for vertical lift and fixed wings for horizontal flight. The electric powertrain and sophisticated autonomous flight systems of the Voyager X2 highlight XPeng’s dedication to improving the accessibility and safety of urban air travel.

Pre-orders for the “Land Aircraft Carrier” will open in the fourth quarter of 2024, and XPeng AeroHT has stated that mass production will begin in 2025. However, the modular flying car’s exact pricing has not been made public by the business. He Xiaopeng, the creator of XPeng, alluded to a pricing range of about RMB 1 million ($140,500).

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