CES 2024 Sees BANF’s iSensor Outshine Rivals in Smart Tire Technology Race

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BANF, Smart Tire Sensor Company, Wins 2024 CES Innovation Award
BANF, Smart Tire Sensor Company, Wins 2024 CES Innovation Award P.C - GOOGLE

By winning the 2024 CES Innovation Award in the Vehicle Tech and Advanced Mobility category, renowned Smart Tire Sensor Company BANF made a big advancement in the automotive sector. This award is a prestigious accolade in the tech industry, especially in the automobile technology and advanced mobility sector. It was given out at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The largest electronics show in the world, CES attracts IT businesses from all over the world to showcase their newest products and innovations.

The accolade draws attention to BANF’s outstanding technological prowess and sets them apart in a very competitive sector. Alongside other titans of the industry including Continental, FORVIA, Garmin, Hesai Technology, Honda, Magna International, and Valeo, BANF demonstrated the intensity of the rivalry and the importance of this accomplishment.

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The Smart tire iSensor, a technological miracle in tire and road analysis, is essential to BANF‘s success. With its real-time tire data, tread measurement, road condition insights, wheel alignment optimization, and lug nut detection capabilities, this sensor promises safer roads and more economical trucking. This sensor’s revolutionary technology includes an AI adaptable algorithm, a 3-axis accelerometer sensor, and wireless charging and communication. When combined, these elements improve car performance and safety and usher in a new era of intelligent mobility.

BANF‘s goal of spearheading the next generation of mobility is bolstered by its continual innovation and smart worldwide relationships. Previous accolades such as the ‘K-Digital Grand‘ and triumphs at occasions like ‘Try Everything 2023‘ in Seoul Metropolitan City demonstrate BANF’s dedication to promoting technological advancement in mobility space.

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