HyAxiom’s PureCell 400 Unveiled: CES 2024 Glimpse in Clean Energy with 100% Hydrogen Power

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PureCellⓇ Model 400 NG
PureCellⓇ Model 400 NG P.C- GOOGLE

HyAxiom Inc. revealed at CES 2024 the PureCell Model 400, the first commercially accessible fuel cell of its kind and a groundbreaking device that runs solely on hydrogen. This type, which is well-known for its extraordinary 440kW power output, raises the bar for sustainable energy sources. The PureCell Model 400 is different from its competitors in that it runs entirely on hydrogen, which eliminates the need for fossil fuels and increases its environmental friendliness. It is efficient and adaptable, producing clean electricity and heat for a range of industrial uses, including off-grid power for hotels, commercial buildings, and institutions, with an efficiency rate of up to 90%.

Another noteworthy invention is the Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzer, which was created by HyAxiom. The electrolysis process, which uses clean electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, is how this technology is intended to make hydrogen. The PEM Electrolyzer stands out in the industry thanks to its 75% efficiency rate and ability to scale for installations ranging from 1 MW to over 100 MW without requiring significant design changes. In response to the increasing demand for green hydrogen as a sustainable energy source, the electrolyzer was introduced. The PEM Electrolyzer, on display at CES 2024, gave attendees a close-up look at this cutting-edge technology.

The commissioning of the world’s first large-scale 50 MW hydrogen fuel cell plant by the Doosan Group in Korea in 2020 marks a significant milestone in the quest for carbon-free energy. This facility, which generates over 420 GWh of electricity yearly and is powered by a hydrogen-fueled version of the PureCell Model 400, is an example of how HyAxiom’s technology is put to use in large-scale energy production.

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Furthermore, HyAxiom is tackling the environmental issues facing the maritime sector by developing solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). These cells are designed to lower maintenance costs, increase longevity, and help long-haul vessels comply with strict emission regulations. This action demonstrates the growing need for sustainable energy solutions in a variety of sectors.

HyAxiom’s demonstration of these technologies at CES 2024 is an important step in the right direction toward sustainable energy. The company maintains its leadership position in the green hydrogen market thanks to its creative strategy of combining environmentally friendly fuel cells with efficient hydrogen generation. The technologies developed by HyAxiom are expected to be crucial in reaching carbon neutrality in the future as the search for sustainable energy sources continues to gain momentum.

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