XPENG’s AEROHT: Land-to-Air Modular Flying Car Takes Off into the Future of Travel

November 14, 2023
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XPENG AEROHT modular flying car application scenarios

On October 24, 2023, XPENG AEROHT, an XPENG Motors affiliate, introduced a game-changer in urban air mobility (UAM) – the “Land Aircraft Carrier” modular flying car. This vehicle is a blend of terrestrial and aerial transportation, featuring a two-part design: an air module for vertical takeoff and low-altitude flights, and a ground module for road travel. This modular approach is a significant step in making flying cars a reality.

XPENG AEROHT modular flying car’s ground module

The ground module, designed to carry 4-5 passengers, is powered by an extended-range hybrid system, recharging the air module multiple times. It’s built for both capacity and agility, with a 6×6 all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering, resembling a lunar rover. The air module, a fully electric piloted aircraft, is equipped with a distributed electric propulsion system, ensuring safety even in single-point failures. It offers both manual and automatic modes, with a 270° panoramic cockpit for two, providing an expansive view.

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Safety is paramount in XPENG AEROHT’s design. The air module’s 6-axis, 6-rotor setup includes reversible ducts for emergency situations, allowing safe operation even if two rotors fail. A groundbreaking multi-parachute rescue system, tested at just 50 meters altitude, sets a new standard in ultra-low altitude rescues, deploying parachutes at a much lower altitude than usual, ensuring passenger and aircraft safety.

XPENG AEROHT modular flying car flight illustration

XPENG AEROHT’s innovation aligns with China’s growing focus on low-altitude economy and smart transportation. Over 120 policies were released in the first half of the year, supporting aviation innovation. The ‘Outline for the Development of Green Aviation Manufacturing (2023-2035)’ and Beijing’s ‘Plan for Promoting Innovation in Future Industries’ further emphasize the government’s commitment to advancing UAM and eVTOL technologies.

XPENG AEROHT eVTOL flying car product image

XPENG AEROHT’s modular flying car is not just a technological marvel; it’s a significant stride towards a future where urban air mobility is an integral part of our daily lives. With its innovative design, commitment to safety, and alignment with governmental policies, XPENG AEROHT is at the forefront of transforming how we think about transportation in the skies.

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