Sony Honda’s AFEELA Prototype: AI and Gaming Converge in Mobility’s Future at CES 2024

January 10, 2024
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AFEELA Prototype 2024
AFEELA Prototype 2024. Photo Source: Afeela

Sony Honda Mobility Inc. (SHM) unveiled the AFEELA Prototype at CES 2024, showcasing noteworthy developments in the field of mobility technology. The prototype aims to reinvent the relationship between people and mobility by fusing automotive excellence with state-of-the-art technology integration.

AFEELA Prototype 2024, Photo Source: SHM (Afeela)

The goal of SHM is to make traveling an enjoyable, participatory, and emotional experience. The use of AI in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is crucial to this change. In order to accomplish autonomous driving and driver assistance, SHM intends to make use of a variety of sensor gadgets and AI. This involves using machine learning for path planning and Vision Transformer for perception, both of which are supported by Qualcomm Technologies’ SoCs for automotive applications.,

AFEELA Prototype 2024, Photo Source: SHM (Afeela)

Utilizing virtual space, SHM is developing new gaming and entertainment capabilities in a notable partnership with Epic Games. Through the integration of vehicle and sensing data with the most recent iteration of Epic Games’ potent gaming engine, Unreal Engine 5.3, this cooperation seeks to produce innovative user experiences in the field of mobility

AFEELA Prototype 2024, Photo Source: SHM (Afeela)

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The collaboration between SHM and Polyphony Digital, well known for the Gran Turismo video games, is another noteworthy announcement. By concentrating on human perceptions and emotions, our cooperation aims to merge the virtual and real worlds. With the help of Polyphony Digital’s simulation technology and SHM’s experience in vehicle development, they hope to create cars that combine useful mobility with immersive entertainment.

AFEELA Prototype 2024, Photo Source: SHM (Afeela)

Regarding production schedule, SHM estimates that, according to global supply chain dynamics, customer examples of their vehicles will arrive by 2026.

AFEELA Prototype 2024, Photo Source: SHM (Afeela)

With their announcements at CES 2024, SHM is taking a big step forward in the mobility sector by fusing digital innovation with automotive technology.

AFEELA Prototype 2024, Photo Source: SHM (Afeela)
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