Honda’s Motocompacto: The $995 Foldable E-Scooter Now Available for Purchase

November 9, 2023
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All-new Honda Motocompacto.

Honda’s dive into electric scooters with the Motocompacto is a smart move for eco-conscious city dwellers. It’s a sleek, foldable e-scooter that won’t break the bank at $995. Designed in the U.S., it’s all about clean, compact travel.

All-new Honda Motocompacto

This e-scooter hits a top speed of 15 mph and can cover up to 12 miles, though your mileage may vary based on a few factors like how much you weigh and the weather. It’s up for grabs exclusively at and through select Honda and Acura dealers.

All-new Honda Motocompacto

The Motocompacto isn’t just Honda’s solo act. It’s part of a bigger picture where Honda’s eyeing a carbon-neutral 2050, with 30 new EVs by 2030, and a dream of all-electric sales by 2040. This includes the upcoming Honda Prologue and Acura ZDX electric SUVs, set to debut in 2024, and a new EV series starting in 2025.

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Honda’s been crafting cars in America for 40 years and has 18 major facilities here. In 2022, almost all Honda cars sold in the U.S. were made in North America, with a hefty chunk coming right from the U.S.

All-new Honda Motocompacto

The Motocompacto stands for easy urban travel and Honda’s push towards a greener future. It’s a neat fit for the hustle and bustle of city life, offering a green way to get around without dampening the fun of zipping through the streets.

For the full scoop on the Motocompacto or Honda’s green plans, their website and Digital FactBook have all the deets.

All-new Honda Motocompacto

Looking ahead, the Motocompacto is a small part of Honda’s big vision for zero-emissions. It’s set to be a key player in changing how we think about getting from A to B in our cities.

To wrap up, the Honda Motocompacto is a nod to Honda’s forward-thinking and commitment to a planet-friendly future. It’s a cool, eco-smart ride that’s just right for the urban jungle and aligns with Honda’s broader eco goals.

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