CES 2024 Reveals EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra: Redefining Home Power with One-Month Backup

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A major development in whole-house battery generators, the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra was introduced at CES 2024 and is intended to meet a variety of power requirements, from regular use to emergency backup during protracted blackouts. This ground-breaking system was honored as a 2024 CES Innovation Awards Honoree for its outstanding design and technology.

The Delta Pro Ultra’s ability to work with gas and solar energy is one of its best features. This characteristic makes it an adaptable option for a range of situations, including off-grid living, solar power storage, and whole-home backup. Depending on configuration, the system’s 6 kWh starting capacity can be increased to 90 kWh, which would provide adequate energy for two days to a month. Depending on configuration, the system’s 6 kWh starting capacity can be increased to 90 kWh, which would provide adequate energy for two days to a month. Its scalability is especially impressive because it can accommodate varying household sizes and energy needs.

The output of the unit is remarkable; a single Delta Pro Ultra can provide 7,200 W, which is sufficient to power a whole house, including big appliances like air conditioning systems. The system’s output may be raised to 21.6 kW when combined with EcoFlow’s new Smart Home Panel 2, making it appropriate for even the highest energy-demanding homes.

The Delta Pro Ultra’s solar input capacity, which varies from 5.6 kW to 16.8 kW, is another important feature. This gives anyone who want to use solar energy a great deal of freedom by enabling the connecting of up to 42 400W solar panels. The solution is made to work seamlessly with flexible solar panels and rooftop solar systems that are already in place.

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The Delta Pro Ultra is equipped with EcoFlow’s unique X-Cooling technology, which reduces noise, increases efficiency by 50%, and prolongs component life through the use of an innovative heat-dissipating system. The battery cells used in the system are lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cells, which are renowned for having a long lifespan of more than ten years and 3,500 discharge cycles before losing 80% of their initial capacity.

Practically speaking, the Delta Pro Ultra is a plug-and-play system; however, the Smart Home Panel 2 is advised for higher outputs and more thorough interaction with the home. In addition to other sophisticated capabilities like intelligent energy management and energy usage monitoring, this panel allows automatic switchover in the event of a power loss.

At launch, there is a promotional pricing of $4,999 for the Delta Pro Ultra and $1,599 for the Smart Home Panel 2, respectively. A bundled package is available for $6,399. The Delta Pro Ultra will cost $5,799, the Smart Home Panel 2 will cost $1,899, and the bundle will cost $7,499 when the sale ends.

The Delta Pro Ultra from EcoFlow is a major advancement in home energy solutions because it combines cutting-edge technology, scalability, and flexibility to meet a broad range of power requirements in a variety of situations. Its ability to interact with many energy sources, together with its extended lifespan and revolutionary cooling technology, makes it a top option for individuals looking for dependable and effective whole-house power backup systems.

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