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Lunar Energy Unveils Game-Changing Lunar System for Homes, Outshining Tesla’s Powerwall

June 24, 2023
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Lunar Energy, a home battery backup company led by former Tesla executive Kunal Girotra, has unveiled its first product, the Lunar System. It is positioned as an all-in-one hybrid inverter. The Lunar Energy’s expandable battery backup system and energy controller work in tandem. The Lunar System aims to provide users with seamless control over their power usage from both solar panels and the grid through a single app. Moreover, Lunar Energy’s product allows homeowners to monetize excess power by selling it back to the grid.

Girotra, confident in the Lunar System’s capabilities, boldly claims that his company surpasses Tesla’s Powerwall in several aspects. According to him, Lunar Energy’s product provides superior storage capacity, control over loads, and overall integration, addressing a longstanding debate in the home-electrification space regarding the need for vertically integrated systems versus a combination of different technologies from various vendors.

The Lunar System offers an ecosystem solution by tackling the challenge of integrating solar panels, batteries, and appliances from different manufacturers. The platform includes modular battery systems, an inverter with rapid switching capabilities, and a range of digital, Wi-Fi-enabled circuit breakers and power controls. The system’s software application suite, including the GridShare software acquired from Moixa, enables homeowners to forecast and optimize power usage, plan for outages, and participate in virtual power plants.

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While Lunar Energy enters a competitive market, Girotra’s background in Tesla’s residential energy business, coupled with the substantial funding the company has received, make the platform noteworthy. The Lunar System’s app provides real-time visibility and control, allowing users to monitor power generation, consumption, and backup levels. It also enables the sale of excess power to the grid and facilitates connectivity with other Lunar System owners for grid stability purposes.

To address the challenges of integration, Lunar Energy has adopted a vertically integrated approach, with all components downstream of the solar panel being designed and built by the company itself. This contrasts with the fragmented approach of using different technologies and apps from multiple vendors. The Lunar System’s powerful inverter, capable of handling up to 10kW loads, distinguishes it from competitors such as Tesla and EcoFlow.

Lunar Energy’s product suite enables homeowners to achieve energy independence and reliance on the main grid. With partnerships in place, including collaboration with Sunrun for installations, Lunar Energy is poised to enter the market and cater to homeowners’ increasing interest in home energy solutions.

While the Lunar System comes at a cost, Lunar Energy estimates that an average California home equipped with a 20kWh system and 5kW solar panels could recoup the investment within seven years. However, changes to solar incentives in California may affect the time it takes to recover hardware and installation costs.

Lunar Energy’s Lunar System presents an attractive proposition for homeowners seeking a comprehensive, integrated solution for energy management, backup power, and potential grid participation.

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