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Tesla’s Solar-Roof Installations Fall Far Below Targets Due To Stiff Competition

Tesla is found to be way behind its solar-roof installation targets due to tough competition from GAF Energy and other rivals, as per the industry analysis firm Wood Mackenzie.

Average installations per week by Tesla were 21 in 2022, which is much lower than the company’s 1,000-per-week forecast target for 2021.

The data highlights Tesla’s woes in the solar business, which the electric-car maker entered in 2016 with its $2.6 billion takeover of SolarCity.

As per Max Issokson, analyst at Wood Mackenzie, GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar roofing system is well placed to achieve widespread adoption.

Tesla has managed to install only 3,000 Solar Roof systems in the U.S., according to new research from Wood Mackenzie.

Average weekly Solar Roof installations went from 32 in the first quarter of last year to 21 in the U.S. in 2022, according to the study.

Tesla’s portion of the market for new rooftops was less than 0.03% of the approximately 5 million built in the U.S. in 2022, according to Wood Mackenzie.

The potential of Tesla’s Solar Roof will depend on the company’s ability to simplify and streamline installations and tap into a broader customer base, Issokson added.

Musk has long said that a combined solar and battery product adds to the goal of achieving a sustainable energy economy, apart from Tesla’s electric vehicles.

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