AutoFlight Partners with Frank Stephenson Design to Revolutionize eVTOL Aircraft Design
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AutoFlight Partners with Frank Stephenson Design to Revolutionize eVTOL Aircraft Design

AutoFlight’s latest eVTOL aircraft, Prosperity I, will have Frank Stephenson Design as the Director of Design. FSD (Frank Stephenson Design) will be working for the third time to oversee a project for eVTOL, placing them at the forefront of the future mobility design industry. With an R&D headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, & a manufacturing center in China, AutoFlight  is a global eVTOL pioneer.

AutoFlight is working to provide autonomous aerial transportation for urban areas. The managing director of AutoFlight Europe,Mark Robert Henning, has described FSD as one of the world’s most renowned & influential designers of our time. FSD has over thirty years of expertise from world-leading companies, including Ferrari, Maserati, McLaren, BMW, & MINI.

The design philosophy of FSD is known for blending art with science while using the latest eco-friendly technology to shape the future of design mobility. FSD’s role with AutoFlight involves designing the interior & exterior of the whole vehicle,with light weighting & luxury as the foremost considerations for future mobility users. Multiple full-scale test flights have been successfully completed by Prosperity l & it is claimed by Prosperity l that a world record was set by  an eVTOL aircraft on a single electric charge in February 2023 for the longest flight.

The vehicle has been built for transfers between parts of a city, airport commutes, connecting two nearby cities, or enabling trips to the countryside while avoiding traffic on the ground. Prosperity l, when ready for commercial flights in 2026, is expected to reduce a trip that takes an hour by car to about 10 minutes while being safer & not much more expensive.

FSD includes world-renowned designers & pioneering innovators who were instrumental in the recent upgrades to Prosperity l. During the last 12 months, significant developments for AutoFlight have taken place, such as the establishment of an European base in Augsburg & a $100 million investment from next-generation mobility investor Team Global.

With 105 sales to date, Prosperity l is on its fourth prototype, as the final design is being unveiled in Q3 of this year. FSD is excited to apply his principles of creating vehicles that are efficient, safe, technically brilliant, & beautiful to the eVTOL industry.

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