Ford and Resideo Launch ‘EV-Home Power’ to Revolutionize Home Energy Management

December 14, 2023
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In a landmark move, Ford and Resideo are shaking things up in the energy management game. They’ve kicked off the “EV-Home Power Partnership,” a project that could change how we use energy at home. Here’s the gist: If you have an F-150 Lightning and a Resideo smart thermostat, you might just see your electric bill shrink and your home become more energy-efficient.

Now, this isn’t your usual partnership. Ford’s bringing its Intelligent Backup Power tech to the table, and Resideo’s smart home solutions are in the mix too. They’re testing how your electric vehicle (EV) and home can share the same battery energy. Think about it: your car and home, talking to each other, all to make things better for you and the electric grid.

The core of this project? It’s all about using that EV battery in your F-150 Lightning to help power your home’s heating and cooling. And it’s not just about saving a few bucks. It’s also about easing the strain on the electric grid and using energy more cleanly and efficiently.

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Bill Crider from Ford puts it well: “Driving electric is unlocking an entirely new world of personal energy management.” And Dana Huth from Resideo adds, “The two largest contributors to an individual’s carbon-emission footprint are usually their car and the heating and cooling of their home.” This project could really mix things up, letting you use your EV battery to manage your home’s energy more smartly.

So, what’s the big picture? This project could be a game-changer in how we think about energy at home and on the road. It’s not just about saving money. It’s about a smarter, more sustainable way to live. And with both Ford and Resideo at the helm, we might just see some exciting developments in home energy management. The project’s results are due in the first half of 2024, so keep your eyes peeled.

It’s a fascinating time in the world of home energy management, and this Ford-Resideo project is one to watch.

Sunita Somvanshi

With over two decades of dedicated service in the state environmental ministry, this seasoned professional has cultivated a discerning perspective on the intricate interplay between environmental considerations and diverse industries. Sunita is armed with a keen eye for pivotal details, her extensive experience uniquely positions her to offer insightful commentary on topics ranging from business sustainability and global trade's environmental impact to fostering partnerships, optimizing freight and transport for ecological efficiency, and delving into the realms of thermal management, logistics, carbon credits, and energy transition. Through her writing, she not only imparts valuable knowledge but also provides a nuanced understanding of how businesses can harmonize with environmental imperatives, making her a crucial voice in the discourse on sustainable practices and the future of industry.

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