New VabsRider ‘Virtual Axis Bicycle Seat’ Promises Relief to 34%-72% of Cyclists Who Report Saddle Pain

June 28, 2024
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Do you Love bike riding too? Is going out on bike rides your favourite way of spending time with your loved ones? Or does the passion of cycling run in your veins? 

Every day, millions of people participate in cycling. The global bicycle market size in 2022 was estimated at 64.62 billion USD. However, cycling enthusiasts worldwide often face the issue of saddle soreness. A report by the International Journals of Sports Physiotherapy mentioned that between 34% and 72% of amateur cyclists experience groyne or buttock pain during week-long cycling events. Complete Physio, a physiotherapy clinic in London, highlighted in their report on hip pain in cyclists how bad saddle quality and positioning can cause hip pain in cyclists.

VabsRider by Ataraxy BSC, world’s first-ever “Virtual Axis Bicycle Seat”

According to Dr. Nick Villalobos  Medical Advisor and Pulmonologist on Medical News Today, sitting for long periods on an uncomfortable bike seat can cause compression to your arteries and veins. In some cases, it even causes damage to blood vessels around the hips. The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine report highlighted that many cyclists suffer from pubic pain due to the long-term use of regular bicycle saddles. Are you also experiencing something similar?  Then you need something more than a regular saddle. 

VabsRider’s split seat design allows individual leg movement.

Meet VabsRider, made by Ataraxy BSC, an alternative to save your hips from saddle soreness with the world’s first-ever “Virtual Axis Bicycle Seat.” That means a seat comprising two halves that move along the rider’s movement. The saddle halves slide backward and forward on an arc meant to conform to the rider’s hip movement when pedaling. This innovative design transfers the rider’s weight from the buttocks to the legs, eliminating soreness. The design fits any bicycle model and activity, making it a good choice for however you wish to use it, ensuring a comfortable and pleasurable ride.

Robin Macan, the Australian engineer and founder of Ataraxy BSC revealed his vision and workings of its prototype to Karmactive. “It started with my light bulb moment in 2016 when ‘some guy’ wanted to put people on Mars yet we don’t have a comfortable bike seat here on Earth,” he said. “Our very first prototype showed potential however, it needed a lot of work.”

Robin Macan with the VabsRider prototype.

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Ever since then, it has attracted positive responses. Ataraxy Bicycle Seat Company was born when owner and director Robin Macan collaborated with industrial designer Philippe Guichard and later the Whistle Design group to enhance the conventional bicycle seat design while keeping comfort as their priority. “Our patent pending split seat design allows for individual movement of the legs, rotating around the hip joints, on an axis that is virtual to the seat,” said Robin in the video presentation. ” This intentionally transfers the pressure from the sit bones to the femurs ensuring an evenly distributed load,” he added.

VabsRider Top View

Environment and health concerns after 2020 have brought back the cycling culture back into trend, although in many states it never went out of fashion. Macan shared his own experience riding VabsRider with Karmactive, while bringing light over its overall impact. “Even after 2 hours, I felt great during and after I got off!” he exclaimed. “If we can have a product that eliminates the pain in the saddle, then humans can ride much further. A great result for the environment, people’s physical and mental health, and economy,” he explained to Karmactive.

VabsRider by AtaraxyBSC

VabsRider offers a convincing alternative to regular bicycle saddles and opens  doors to many possibilities. Cyclists have a brand tool to enhance their bicycling experience and avail health benefits while at it. “We envisage this first VabsRider will be a part of a wider selection of dynamic seats for the different riding environments and bicycles that currently exist and are yet to be developed,” Robin informed Karmactive. “The potential for impact is truly global. After a couple hundred years of cycling we believe there will be marked uptake in participation, however time will tell. The future is bright!”

Although the VabsRider is not yet available for purchase. On 16th  of June Sunday, Ataraxy BSC hosted trial days across Melbourne, Australia for the ‘Test Riders’! It will again be an exhibitor at Eurobike 2024 this year. Eurobike is an international bicycle trade fair held annually at the Messe Frankfurt in Germany. Those who wish to snag this deal! Soon AtaraxyBSC will be launched in the International markets and be available to all in October 2024. Join the waiting list at their website to pre-order now.

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