QuietKat Apex HD and XD: Revolutionizing E-Bikes with a 90-Mile Battery Life

May 24, 2024
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QuietKat Apex Revolutionizing E-Bikes.( quietkat )
QuietKat Apex Revolutionizing E-Bikes.( quietkat )

This is the e-age. Bikes are no exception. In fact, e-bikes are all the rage right now. QuietKat has been at the forefront of the ever-changing and improving technology. E-bikes use this new technology. According to Rachelle Schrute, who tested the Apex HD, this is a first test drive and first look. All the bang of the Apex Pro line is delivered by the redesigned QuietKat Apex HD lineup.

The redesign was far more than a spit-shine, with improved features, new options, and a greater range. Actually, she is a very heavy vehicle. The new e-bike is heavy. It has 100 pounds weight with the front rack and batteries. A bigger range is brought by bigger bulk. The frames are bigger and bulkier with the redesign.

The redesigned twist throttle brings serious benefits to the smoothness of acceleration. A bit more finesse and control are allowed by the new twist throttle. It controls your acceleration. The new Apex HD and XD offer two additional speed settings: climb and stealth. All the power is put in the rear wheel by climb. It keeps locked in first gear, giving you maximum comfort to get anywhere and haul anything.

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The motor is quieted down by the stealth. It allows first and second gear, keeping you super-squirrel-secret in the field. Remote tracking and alarm settings are allowed by the IoT (Internet of Things) Module. This system helps your e-bike out of wrong hands.

Kick Through and Step Over options are kept in both the XD and HD lines. A thicker motorcycle-style chain, upgraded racks, accessory options, and a new screen are some of the new features of the QuietKat e-bike. The QuietKat Pivot Pro is a huge help. Both these bikes are favorite items for hunters as well as for day-to-day users.

Specifications: QuietKat Apex HD

  • VPO2.0 Firmware
  • Twist Throttle
  • 118 Mounting Points
  • 1,000 W VPO2-speed Automatic Shifting Hub-Drive Motor
  • 85 Nm Torque
  • 30 Ah Battery Options: Up to 90 miles (144 kms) on a single charge
  • Moto-Style Chain
  • Kendra Juggernaut Fat Tires
  • Moto-Inspired Inverted Suspension Fork
  • Integrated Dropper Post to Adjust Seat Weight

Specifications: QuietKat Apex XD

  • VPO 2.0 Firmware
  • Twist Throttle
  • 118 Mounting Points
  • 1,000 VPO 5-Speed Automatic Shifting Mid-drive Motor
  • 200 Nm Torque
  • 30 Ah Battery Option: Up to 90 miles (144 kms) on a single charge
  • Moto-Style Chain
  • Kendra Juggernaut Fat Tires
  • Moto-Inspired inverted Suspension Fork
  • Integrated Dropper Post to Adjust Seat Height

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