How Trashboard Turns Airbus Waste into High-Performance Skateboards

May 20, 2024
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Trashboard Skate Board, Photo Credit:
Trashboard Skate Board, Photo Credit:

Our world needs a series of overhauls in the way we consume products and even how the products are manufactured. Trashboard, an eco-friendly/sustainable  skateboard crafted from a fusion of reconditioned carbon from aircraft and recycled cardboard can be one answer you can’t ignore. In order to give new life to their discarded aeronautic components, each skateboard is 100% recyclable, and it is made in partnership with Airbus.

A lighter, more flexible, and more high-performing product for seamless use is ensured by the composite material. It preserves all the while the authentic sensation of traditional wooden skateboards. Integrated with wooden rails, each skateboard is finished with a monochrome, hand-silk screened marble effect. It is applied at the team’s warehouse in the Basque Country, France.

Trashboard Skate Board, Photo Credit:

When François Jaubert fashioned an award-winning surfboard, the idea of Trashboard was sparked in 2017. Jaubert then went on to exhibit his creation across Europe. Eventually, it resulted in a short film. The film resells his inspiration of transforming trash into surfboards. A process was developed by Jaubert to industrialize his invention over three years. Several prototypes were produced to develop the reliability and performance of this new material made from cardboard.

The designer says, “We’re dedicated to reducing our ecological footprint by using sustainable materials and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices. Each board is crafted with the goal of preserving our planet for future generations.” Trashboard reuses cardboard, composite materials, and other waste without excessive consumption of water or electricity.

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JC Torres says, “To most people outside of the community, a skateboard is nothing more than a wooden plank on wheels with sometimes outrageous artwork painted on it. The probably surprising reality is that a great deal of design and engineering goes into making these skateboards to keep them aerodynamic while also light and sturdy. While it’s fine to stick to nearly perfect traditions when it comes to materials and processing, there’s also a need to push the envelope in order to design a product that will not only stand the test of time but will also help the planet last a little longer as well.”

Trashboard Skate Board, Photo Credit:

Trashboard is a perfect example of such devoted work for ecological balance. François Jaubert has achieved this goal with a little help from Airbus. For the skating tribe, choosing Trashboard means joining a community of innovators and skate enthusiasts, contributing to a more sustainable future. Each Trashboard skateboard embodies innovation, performance, and an ethical approach to skateboarding.

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