Vidde’s Alfa Electric Snowmobile with 130kW Power Cuts Emissions by 85% for Clean Adventures

April 6, 2024
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Vidde's Alfa Electric Snowmobile
Vidde's Alfa Electric Snowmobile Topview. Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

A revolution has taken place in the electric snowmobile market with the introduction of the Alfa Model. The Alfa Model has been made by Vidde in collaboration with the Italian design house Pininfarina. 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

This vehicle is a significant departure from traditional petrol and diesel snowmobiles. Snowmobiles are known for their high CO2 emissions. But Alfa is designed with an emphasis on sustainability and performance. 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

The Alfa snowmobile is powered by an electric motor with a 130-kilowatt output. Vidde states that this motor leads to an 85% reduction in emissions during both production and operation phases, as it is coupled with the use of recycled and recyclable materials. 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

Alfa’s distinctive feature is its ability to emit less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer. Thus, it has set a new standard in the industry for environmental friendliness. 

Co-founder and CEO of ViddeSnow Mobility, Christian Lystrup, has emphasized the transformative journey from”super dirty” to a sustainable future in terrain mobility. He remarked, “In two years, a lean core team working with absolute top partners has taken the terrain mobility category from super dirty to the start of a circular electric future,” Making the Alfa snowmobile a testament to clean and sustainable transportation is the ambition of Vidde. 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

A “clean sheet“ approach is adopted so that attention to detail is provided. Senior Vice President at Pininfarina, Xavier Blanc Babu driller led this process. This has resulted in a snowmobile characterized by a low-slung, angular form devoid of unnecessary details. 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

The aim of the design is for timelessness, purposefulness, and the pleasure of riding. A battery has been developed by Vidde for operation in extreme cold. It is capable of functioning at temperatures as low as minus 35 degrees Celsius. This novelty ensures reliability and performance in harsh winter conditions. 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

Kristine Lium, Vidde’s design and sustainability head, has expressed pride in creating a vehicle capable of remaining relevant and attractive for years. It focuses on sustainable materials and usability. The Alfa Model was put through its paces at the Icehotel in Northern Sweden during its testing phases. . 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

The Alfa highlighted its reduced noise level and environmentally friendly credentials when the guests at the hotel had the opportunity to experience the snowmobile. Vidde is partnering with the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE) in developing a circular business model for the snowmobile. 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

A broader strategy to ensure the long-term sustainability and relevance of the product is included in this approach. Vidde’s entry with the Alfa Model has made a significant contribution in a comparatively new field of the snowmobile sector. 

As the conventional snowmobile industry faced criticism for its environmental impact, the Alfa snowmobile’s development and testing signify a shift towards more sustainable practices in this field. 

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Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

The collaboration between Vidde and Pininfarina has not only led to an aesthetically pleasing product, but also one that is functional and forward-thinking. A harmony of form and function is reflected in the design of the Alfa. 

It anticipates the needs and preferences of future users. Moreover, Alfa is noteworthy for its technical specifications. A 175 bhp electric motor is featured in the new model. 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

It offers 116 km (100 miles) on a single charge, which takes three and a half hours to charge. Its robustness and adaptability is demonstrated as it is capable to tow up to 270 kg. 

It can operate in extreme cold conditions. The mass production of the Alfa is expected to begin in 2025. The industry is watching the Vidde venture with interest. 

Viddie alfa electric snowmobile, Photo Credit: Viddie Mobility

A shift towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable snowmobiling is represented by this product. The impact of the Alfa extends beyond its operational capabilities. It signifies a move towards cleaner, quieter, and more sustainable winter sports and transportation.

In short, Alfa is Vidde’s bold statement of its ambitious project in this comparatively new sector.

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