World’s First Automotive-Grade 720Wh/kg Solid-State Battery by Tailan New Energy Sets New Industry Benchmark 

April 7, 2024
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Information on Chongqing Talent New Energy Co.'s efforts to popularise solid-state batteries appears to be displayed in the image.(Source: weixin)
Information on Chongqing Talent New Energy Co.'s efforts to popularise solid-state batteries appears to be displayed in the image.(Source: weixin)

Tailan New Energy recently announced a significant breakthrough with the development of world’s first automotive-grade solid-state lithium batteries.

They claim to have developed the world’s first automotive-grade single-cell with a capacity of 120Ah and a tested energy density of 720Wh/kg, setting new industry records for single-cell capacity and highest energy density in solid-state lithium metal batteries.

It is understood that the energy density of lithium iron phosphate batteries is generally around 100-160Wh/kg, while that of ternary lithium batteries is usually between 150 and 250Wh/kg.

This means that for the same amount of electricity, this solid-state lithium battery weighs only 1/5 of the current mainstream batteries.

To create this solid-state lithium battery, the company made breakthroughs in several key technologies, including ultra-thin dense composite oxide solid electrolytes, high-capacity advanced anode and cathode materials, and integrated molding processes for solid-state batteries.

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The solid-state lithium battery released by Tailan New Energy uses high-nickel-capacity, long-cycle lithium-rich manganese-based materials for the cathode and ultra-wide, ultra-thin composite lithium metal materials with high cycle stability and high rate capability for the anode.

To address the solid-solid interface impedance problem in solid-state lithium batteries, it also features a high-performance oxide composite solid electrolyte unique to Tailan New Energy.

Moreover, by constructing an efficient ion and electron transport network to enhance the migration ability of charged particles within the cathode and pairing it with a self-developed flexible interface layer material, the company has effectively reduced interface impedance while also enhancing interface stability.

This has led to a comprehensive improvement in battery performance, with the potential to fundamentally solve the issues of endurance and safety anxiety associated with traditional lithium-ion batteries.

Committed to being a “popularizer of solid-state batteries,” Too Blue New Energy is rapidly advancing the industrialization and commercialization of its solid-state lithium batteries. Through continuous product and technological innovation, it is leading and driving market development, contributing to the stable growth of China’s new energy industry.

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