TruthGPT Over ChatGPT: How Elon Musk Aims to Avoid AI Destruction and Create a Safer Future

May 8, 2023
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Elon Musk has announced that an alternative to the AI language mode ChatGPT called “TruthGPT” is being worked on by him, which acts as a “maximum truth-seeking AI.” Musk needed an alternative approach to AI creation to avoid the potential destruction of humanity.

Musk has accused Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the firm behind ChatGPT, of “training the AI to lie.” Google co-founder Larry Page has also been accused by Musk of not taking AI safety seriously. Musk has said that TruthGPT “might be the best path to safety” that would be “unlikely to annihilate humans.”

Musk has poached the AI researchers from Google to launch a startup to rival OpenAI. Musk aims for TruthGPT to create more good than harm. Musk seems to want TruthGPT to be developed as a chatbot that will be “a maximum truth-seeking AI.”

TruthGPT has been positioned as a more transparent option, as OpenAI’s profit incentives have been implied by Musk to potentially interfere with the ethics of the AI models that it creates. Musk has framed TruthGPT as a course correction for OpenAI, the AI software nonprofit he helped found, which has since begun operating a for-profit subsidiary.

In February, Musk tweeted that “what we need is TruthGPT,” while also calling attention to the risks of large-scale AI models like those made by OpenAI.

Musk signed an open letter, along with several other AI researchers, in March that urged companies to pause “giant AI experiments” that their creators couldn’t “understand, predict, or reliably control.”

Musk might be taking TruthGPT seriously since the model was brought up during his interview with Tucker Carlson.

At this point, it is not clear how far along Musk’s TruthGPT is or if it exists at all.

In March, Musk quietly established a new AI company called X.AI, with him as the sole director, following his call for a six-month pause in developing systems more powerful than OpenAI’s newly launched GPT-4.
A group of AI experts and executives supported Musk, citing potential risks to society,  but no effective changes on the ground have been seen.

Musk has warned that AI is more dangerous than mismanaged aircraft design or bad case production and has the potential for civilizational destruction. Musk has also warned that a super-intelligent AI may write incredibly well and potentially manipulate public opinion.

A need to “encourage AI regulation” was urged by Musk in a meeting with former President Barack Obama while he was in office, according to a tweet by Musk over the weekend. Musk believes that an AI that cares about understanding the universe is unlikely to annihilate humans because we are an interesting part of it.

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Musk probably envisions TruthGPT as a way to achieve AI safety and avoid the destruction of humanity. According to Musk, training AI models to be politically correct by OpenAI is considered “another way of being untruthful.”

As per Musk, OpenAI has become a “closed-source”, “for-profit” organization “closely allied with Microsoft.” Musk has also found fault with Google’s approach to AI development and with Larry Page, who is accused of not taking AI safety seriously.

Known for his interest in advanced technology, Musk has a reputation for pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Musk’s ultimate goal for his various AI projects, including TruthGPT and X.AI, is to create AI that benefits humanity and avoids potential negative consequences, according to most people.

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