Driving Change: Chevron & Toyota Showcase the Potential of Renewable Gasoline Blends to Combat Climate Change

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Chevron & Toyota have commenced a road trip across the Gulf Coast to demonstrate a new gasoline blend with more than 50% renewable content. The new fuel is more than 40% less carbon-intensive compared to traditional gasoline on a lifecycle basis.

The trip by road will run from Mississippi through Louisiana, concluding in Texas. A representative of Chevron will talk with members of the public about the benefits of lower-carbon fuels like biofuels & renewable gasoline blends.

Lifecycle emissions can be notably reduced by using renewable gasoline blends, & be used in the existing automotive fleet & with the existing fueling network. The tour can be followed on Twitter & LinkedIn using the hashtag #futurefuelsshowcase.

Biodiesel, renewable diesel, & renewable natural gas are produced & marketed by Chevron. Currently, Chevron is building hydrogen fuel infrastructure in California.

Blends of renewable gasoline have been developed, produced, & tested by Chevron with the goal of such blends being manufactured using today’s infrastructure. Eventually, using it as fuel in almost any gasoline powered vehicle can deliver an immediate carbon intensity reduction over traditional gasoline.

The ultimate aim of Chevron is to make the future of transportation lower carbon by growing its offering of biofuel solutions for customers.

A variety of feedstocks & technologies are used for making renewable gasoline blends to achieve carbon intensity reductions. RGB (Renewable Gasoline Blends) are intended to reduce the carbon intensity of light & medium-duty vehicles already on the road.

Virtually all drivers could be empowered by RGB to play a role in a lower carbon transportation future. New technologies are being explored by Chevron & Toyota for fueling light- & heavy-duty vehicles.

According to Chevron’s website, gasoline is poised to remain the top automobile fuel through 2050. In the USA today, 95% of passenger vehicles run on gasoline.

RGBs, when supported by ambitious policies, are a path towards reducing transportation emissions. Andy Walz, Chevron’s President of America’s Products, believes that RGBs could empower virtually all drivers to have a role in a lower carbon transportation future.

Currently the light-duty sector accounts for a staggering 57% of US transportation emissions. The road trip of Chevron & Toyota aims to demonstrate lower carbon technologies that are compatible with internal combustion engines.

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