MG Cyberster: The Brand’s First-Ever EV Sports Car with a Classic Design Twist

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An all-electric sports car, the MG Cyberster, has just been unveiled at the Shanghai Show. Featuring a sleek new design language reminiscent of MG’s historic sporting heritage, it is the brand‘s first sports car in years & also its first EV sports car.

Sometime next year, the car will be available in multiple markets. Although the MG has been associated with a small & nimble sports car in the past, the Cyberster is significantly larger than it.

The Cyberster is 14.8 feet long, 6.3 feet wide, & 4.4 feet high, making it more like a Porsche 911 than a Mazda MX-5, With two seats & a retractable roof, the Cyberster is an all-electric sports car.

Since the MGF & TF models of the ‘90s, the Cyberster is MG’s first “proper” sports car. With outputs ranging from 309 hp to 536 hp, the new car will be available in both single-& dual-motor guises.

The new car is the most powerful MG ever made. The all-electric car has unique arrow-shaped tail lights & a split rear diffuser. Government filings in China leaked the design earlier this month.

Depending on the specification, the Cyberster weighs 1,850 kg to 1,950 kg. The Cyberster will have several wheel designs & badge styles to choose from. The top speed of the new car is 124 mph, while the 0-to-62 mph time is likely to be very quick.

A Tesla-style yoke steering wheel & several digital screens for infotainment & driving data feature the interior of the Cyberster. Designed in London, the car will be built in China. Built around the 2017 E-Motion coupe concept, the Cyberster sits on an all-new platform.

Done-away with the conventional module structure used by current EVs in the name of increased production efficiency & power density, the Cyberster is supposed to become a “cell-to-pack” battery production car.

A range of 800 km is claimed by the new car. The continuation of MG‘s steep growth trajectory will be helped by the Cyberster. The brand’s product portfolio is expanded significantly by the car as it approaches its centenary in 2024.

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