Overflowing Mississippi River Causes Road Closures And Potential Evacuations In Midwest

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The Mississippi River is currently overflowing and causing flooding in states across the Midwest. Several states, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa, are experiencing flooding along the Mississippi River.

The DOT of Iowa has confirmed that road closures have occurred due to the flooding. Later this week, some roads near the river are expected to flood.

Iowa’s Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management has urged residents to prepare for possible evacuation if flooding continues to spread.

Kim Reynolds, Iowa’s governor, issued a disaster proclamation for multiple counties alongside the river. State agencies have been asked to monitor the river’s conditions to provide resources to affected communities.

The recent flooding has been fueled by snow dropped across the Midwest due to winter storms. An increase in water feeding the region’s waterways has been caused by melting snow this spring.

The Army Corps of Engineers of the US has closed eight of its Mississippi River locks in Minnesota and Wisconsin. At present, the river levels are unsafe for navigation.

Barge and other river traffic south of the Twin Cities is blocked by the closures. Widespread droughts throughout the US were caused by low water levels last fall. Barge traffic and capacity in mid-October were disrupted by low water levels.

As eight barges ran aground, the supply chain was disrupted. Recreational activities were also disrupted due to low water levels.The water levels of the Mississippi River have risen to the highest levels seen in over 20 rivers.

As debris will be coming down the river, the rising water is dangerous.Owing to flooding, navigation may not resume for another week. The flooding is expected to affect the cities of Wabasha and Lake City, Minn.

A relatively low threat to residential areas in these cities has been indicated by emergency management officials.

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