Snowfall Water Wonders: Exploring the Rare Waterfalls of Southwest Utah’s Gunlock State Park

April 22, 2023
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Carl Berger Sr. (CC BY-NC 2.0)

A record rainfall, record snowfall, & now rare waterfalls are being experienced in the Southwest this winter. Gunlock State Park, a water wonderland, is agog with melting snow from the mountains, creating stunning waterfalls. The snowpack in Utah is 200–400% above average this year, making it a great year for winter sports enthusiasts. The melted snow in Southwest Utah is causing overflowing water, resulting in waterfalls like those at Gunlock State Park.

It’s recommended by the readers to visit lesser-known Utah state parks like Bear Lake State Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, & Casto Canyon. A chance to dig up your childhood dinosaur obsession & see stunning wildflowers is offered by Dinosaur National Monument. A hidden gem with ancient rock art & ruins can be seen in the form of Escalante Petrified Forest State Park.

Thanks to social media, the rare waterfalls at Gunlock State Park have drawn more visitors than usual this year. To view ancient rock art & ruins, Fremont Indian State Park is a great place. Fantastic mushroom-like formations & yurts for glamping adorn the Goblin Valley.

Check the park website for alerts about debris & flooding risks before visiting Gunlock State Park. Trails & roads are offered by Whitewash Sand Dunes through red rock, cottonwood forests, & bighorn sheep sightings. Trails have changed in Gunlock State Park due to more foot traffic, so visitors should be aware of changing trails & swift waters.

Gunlock State Park (GSP) expects the waterfalls to last a few more weeks or even months, depending on how quickly the snow melts. Caution is advised around swift waters, as the melting snow also presents a flood risk.

Through the spring, the Salt Lake City area has been getting rain, snow, & flooding. GSP has had only two broken ankles & no fatalities this season. The state parks of Utah are so impressive that they could be national parks in many other states. 

A great area for seeing green forests meet red rock on the Markagunt Plateau is the Cedar Breaks National Monument. A miniature Bryce Canyon that visitors can spend infinite time exploring is offered by Casto Canyon. Visitors should make the most of rare opportunities like the waterfalls at GSP, as there is no way to guarantee a snowpack.

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