Shein’s Evolution: From Fast-Fashion to Sustainable Style

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Sorce- shein.com

Shein’s, a Chinese fast-fashion retailer, is popular for selling affordable clothing online.

The company has been persistently criticized for promoting throwaway fashion. Shein, meanwhile, has managed to grab market share from other affordable fashion retailers.

The company mass-produces clothing in China to sell it online in the United States, Europe, and Asian markets. But gradually, consumers are becoming more conscious and aware.

Consumers are no longer just concerned about affordability, according to Executive Vice Chairman Donald Tang. Tang said that Shein’s plans to become more focused on sustainability.

Shein’s EvoluShein line offers customers the option to pick more sustainable materials and pay a premium for them.

EvoluShein items are partly made with recycled polyester. Shein Exchange is the company’s platform where shoppers can resell used clothes.

Shein’s continues to grow “very robustly” and regularly has less than 2% of unsold inventory. Shein does not have a permanent physical store presence but has opened pop-up stores in various cities. Tang emphasized the need for continued research and improvement in ESG efforts.

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