Designing a Better Future: How Saudi Designer is Using 3D Technology to Make Sustainable Fashion

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Source- GhaydaaMajdaly/Instagram.com

In order to design and produce clothes in a sustainable manner, 3D technology is being used by Saudi fashion designer Ghaydaa Majdaly. Majdaly was led by the COVID-19 pandemic to focus on sustainable fashion as an alternative to traditional materials.

To reduce environmental impact, Majdaly’s first sustainable fashion piece was made from plastic water bottles. Excess fabric waste to create small bags or accessories and following a zero-waste strategy in her designs is reused by Majdaly.

Majdaly has been enabled by 3D technology to simplify the design process and improve the quality of the product, ultimately reducing her environmental footprint. The way fashion designers approach product design and pattern making is being changed by the use of 3D software programs.

Designing with 3D technology can be time-consuming and requires patience, despite the benefits of using technology in the production process. Sustainability in the fashion industry by bringing samples of sustainable fabrics to workshops is being advocated by the Saudi Fashion Commission.

It’s the hope of Majdaly to see more Saudi fashion designers creating sustainable fashion pieces. The industry’s approach to product design and production processes is being changed by fashion designers like Majdaly.

A response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic is to focus on sustainable fashion. Sustainable fashion pieces by Majdaly are designed to reduce waste and be environmentally conscious. The use of 3D technology by Majdaly is a step towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

Sustainable fashion pieces by Majdaly are made from recycled materials, reducing environmental impact. Fashion designers and consumers alike are finding sustainable fashion increasingly important. The quality and sustainability of fashion pieces can be improved by the use of 3D technology in fashion production.

The fashion sketchbook of Majdaly is meant to inspire and lead the way for future fashion designers in the kingdom. Sustainable fashion pieces by Majdaly demonstrate that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.

New ways of doing things in response to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic must be adapted by the fashion industry. The efforts of the Saudi Fashion Commission to promote sustainability in the fashion industry are encouraging.

The sustainable fashion pieces of Majdaly serve as an example of how the fashion industry can be more environmentally conscious. A growing trend in the fashion industry is sustainable fashion. An innovative way to create sustainable fashion pieces is through the use of 3D technology. The use of 3D technology and recycled materials by Majdaly is a step towards a more sustainable fashion industry in Saudi Arabia.

Based on a report by Arab News.

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