Cruising Waves of Innovation: Old Town’s Electric-Assist Fishing Kayak Redefines Aquatic Adventure

July 30, 2023
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Old Town Watercraft

Old Town Kayak & Canoe has announced a breakthrough in recreational watercraft with the unveiling of the innovative BigWater ePDL+132, an electric pedal-assist fishing kayak. The craft, which debuted at a secretive presentation at a fishing resort near Tampa, Florida, earlier this year, and later officially revealed at ICAST 2023, has sparked considerable interest among outdoor enthusiasts due to its similarities with popular e-bikes. The BigWater ePDL+132 differentiates itself through its unique five-level electric assist mode integrated into the pedal drive system. This feature allows for effortless control and a hands-off operation option through a cruise control mode, providing a break for the user when needed.

Powered by a 36-volt, 20-amp-hour lithium battery nestled under the seat, the kayak provides impressive battery longevity. Furthermore, it showcases a top speed of approximately 5 miles per hour, aiding anglers in covering large distances swiftly. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the kayak’s control system and ultra-bright display screen offer an intuitive user experience, even under harsh sunlight. The ePDL+132 is notably heavier than other models due to the addition of electric components, with an overall weight of 143 pounds. However, this kayak is still lighter than Old Town’s Sportsman AutoPilot model equipped with Minn Kota trolling motors.

Exclusively featured in the BigWater ePDL+132, Old Town’s innovative pedal-assist technology won’t be retrofitted into other models in their range. This feature-rich watercraft comes with a steep price tag of $5,999.99. Despite the price, its advanced capabilities provide anglers with an exhilarating experience of gliding effortlessly across the water. The kayak’s tracking capabilities, ideal for navigating through mangroves and reaching fishing spots, are also commendable. Even though it boasts powerful electric assistance, the ePDL+132 still allows for conventional paddle use, ensuring users won’t be stranded due to power loss.

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Notable design modifications from the original BigWater PDL 132 include minor tweaks to the cup holder and the back tank well. The ePDL+132 comes in three color options—ember, marsh, and the newly introduced steel color. The introduction of electric pedal-assist technology opens up new possibilities for enhanced aquatic mobility, particularly for individual anglers. This kayak stands as a testament to the potential for innovation in the recreational watercraft industry. The 20AH battery pack sets a new benchmark for long-lasting power sources in electric watercraft, providing up to 46 hours of use. The BigWater ePDL+132 is currently available for pre-order through Old Town dealers, with shipping starting in January 2024.

The BigWater ePDL+132 represents a significant milestone in the evolution of fishing kayaks. Despite the initial shock of a hefty price tag, its technological advancement and innovative design make it an appealing investment for avid aquatic sports enthusiasts. The future of fishing kayaks seems more exciting and promising than ever, with the advent of Old Town Sportsman BigWater ePDL+132.

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