Vodafone’s Smart-Tech Shutdown: 90% of Devices Turn to Electronic Waste by August 2024

May 27, 2024
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Neo | The smart kids watch. Photo Credit: Vodafone Smart Tech
Neo | The smart kids watch. Photo Credit: Vodafone Smart Tech

Less than two years ago, Vodafone withdrew its Smart-Tech products from the market. Now, they are being made unusable, and customers can do nothing about it. Several devices from Vodafone’s Smart-Tech product line will become unusable from August 1, 2024. The Smart Tech service is being discontinued, turning the products into electronic waste.

On a Smart-Tech overview page, there is still only the statement that the sale has been discontinued. Only if one follows the note on the overview page with the text “Can’t see your device? Visit our Help & Support page,” there is information that the service will be entirely discontinued. On this subpage, many questions about the shutdown of the Smart-Tech service are answered. Vodafone did not send out a press release to draw attention to the shutdown of Smart Tech.

An initial help article titled “What do I need to know about the shutdown of Vodafone Smart Tech?” explains that the company can “unfortunately no longer offer the Smart-Tech service” and will shut it down on August 1, 2024. Ongoing contracts have already been terminated. Vodafone assures that the company adheres to “what was contractually agreed upon.” All products could “definitely be used for the entire minimum contract duration.” It continues: “We hope you find a suitable alternative quickly.” The company does not provide advice or hints on alternative products. Customers will therefore need to look for suitable options themselves if needed.

Only in the last of five articles about the shutdown of Smart Tech is there a note that data loss may occur in the process. With the shutdown on August 1, 2024, all pictures or data from the service will be deleted. Vodafone recommends “downloading all pictures or data via the Smart App before August 1, 2024, if customers want to keep this data.”

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Several Smart-Tech products, including the categories of smartwatch, smart band, and GPS tracker, are affected by the shutdown:

  • Curve Bike Light and GPS Tracker
  • Curve Smart GPS Tracker
  • Neo Kids Watch
  • V-Bag (Trackisafe Luggage)
  • V-Multi – (Trackisafe Multi), V-Pet (Kippy)
  • V-SOS Band. 

These mentioned devices have a built-in Smart SIM card that cannot be replaced.

Only three products from the Smart-Tech category are said to remain usable, according to Vodafone. This applies to the products V-Camera (Arlo Go), V-Bag (Alcatel), and V-Kids Watch (Alcatel MT30). In these, a different SIM card can be inserted. Customers would simply need to insert a compatible SIM card and “subscribe to another provider.” Vodafone gives no indication of which other providers might be suitable. Vodafone has already terminated the remaining customer contracts. More details about the end of Vodafone Smart Tech are available on the company’s help page.

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