Discover How Hyundai and Kia are Turning Ocean Waste into Sustainable Innovations!

September 3, 2023
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Kia's Ocean Initiatives
Kia's Ocean Initiatives

Hyundai and Kia Motor Group is pioneering a new era with its commitment to a sustainable future. The group’s vision is to become a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions. Hyundai’s E-GMP platform is set to revolutionize electric mobility with its innovative design and capabilities. The company’s commitment to a hydrogen society is evident with its NEXO fuel cell electric vehicle. Hyundai’s eco-friendly lineup is expanding, with plans to introduce 23 BEV models by 2025. The company aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, showcasing its dedication to a greener future. Hyundai’s efforts extend beyond vehicles, as they invest in renewable energy sources and green technologies. The company’s global campaign, “Because of You,” emphasizes the importance of individual actions in creating a sustainable future.

Kia’s Ocean Initiatives and Partnerships

On World Oceans Day, Kia Europe announced partnerships with start-ups Polyola, Odyssey Innovation, Sieve, and Waterhaul. These collaborations aim to inspire eco-friendly ways to move on the ocean and beyond. All partners are upcycling ocean waste into sustainable lifestyle products. Kia’s global efforts align with the Ocean Cleanup Partnership, emphasizing the importance of ridding the environment of plastic. “Sustainability is at the heart of our movement to inspire new mobility,” says Sjoerd Knipping, Vice President of Marketing and Product at Kia Europe. Kia’s partnerships focus on creating responsible experiences that invite positive change.

Innovative Collaborations and Sustainable Products

Polyola, based in France, is innovating with polyurethane surfboard blanks made from recycled material. Odyssey Innovation, from England, transforms ocean waste and old wetsuits into handplanes for eco-conscious wave enthusiasts. Sieve, a German start-up, creates surf fins from recycled bottle caps. Waterhaul uses ghost gear, a harmful ocean plastic, to craft exceptional eyewear and beach clean kits. Kia’s seven-year Global Partnership with The Ocean Cleanup aims to integrate harvested plastic into its value chain process. Kia is innovating with renewable resources and integrating eco-friendly materials into its products. The Kia EV9 boasts eco-friendly interior materials, including a leather alternative made of BIO PU. Kia envisions synergies between sustainable watersports and the sustainable mobility of the new Kia EV9.

Kia’s Dedication to Sustainability and the Environment

Kia’s commitment to the ocean is further highlighted by its partnership with The Ocean Cleanup. “Plastics are one of the largest threats our oceans face today,” states Boyan Slat, Founder & CEO of The Ocean Cleanup. Nisha Bakker, Partnership Director of The Ocean Cleanup, believes that together, they can achieve the largest cleanup in history. Over 50 trillion pieces of plastic currently pollute the ocean, forming harmful garbage patches. Only 9% of plastic waste is recycled worldwide, with the rest ending up in oceans and the environment. Kia’s dedication to sustainability is evident in its efforts to co-create value out of ocean plastic. The company’s partnership stories highlight its commitment to creating a better future.

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Kia’s Vision and Future Endeavors

Kia’s collaboration with National Geographic and other partners underscores its dedication to sustainability. The company’s vehicles, like the Kia EV9, are designed with sustainability in mind, offering eco-friendly materials and features. Kia’s vision aligns with the global movement to rid the oceans of plastics. The company believes in the power of collective action to bring about positive change. Kia’s partnerships with innovative start-ups showcase its commitment to finding sustainable solutions for the ocean. The company’s efforts go beyond mere words, as it actively collaborates with brands that share its vision. Kia’s focus on sustainability is integral to its Plan S and transformation journey. The company’s partnerships are designed to inspire responsible movement and promote a sustainable lifestyle. Kia’s Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) technology in the EV9 provides power for electronic devices and camping equipment. The company’s efforts extend beyond vehicles, as it invests in renewable energy sources and green technologies. Kia’s global campaign emphasizes the importance of individual actions in creating a sustainable future.

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