The Rising Power of China’s Maglev Trains: Exploring the “Red Rail” and Beyond

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Source- South China Morning Post

The futuristic maglev trains of China have been raising eyebrows. The high-speed trains are run on electromagnets over tracks. The first suspended maglev line in China was launched, using permanent magnets.

Known as the “Red Rail,” the experimental track is set in Xinggou County, Jiagxi Province, China. Strong magnets are used to produce a non-stop repelling force that lifts the train into the air. The train’s capacity is 88 passengers.

“Xingguo,” China’s first permanent magnetic levitation (maglev) air train’s test track, was completed in Xingguo County. The design of the train is to run at a speed of 80 kmph. The principle of repulsion between permanent magnetic materials and rails is used to run the test train.

As reported by the South China Morning Post, The first train in the world to combine maglev technology with suspension railways is “Xingguo.” “Xingguo” has various advantages, including a strong climbing ability, a smaller turning radius, lower noise levels, and zero electromagnetic pollution.

After Germany and Japan, China is the third country to have developed non-contract traction technology. The rail, which levitates, operates about 33 feet above the ground. By creating less electromagnetic radiation than traditional lines, the track is also cheaper to build.

The abundance of rare earth elements in China has contributed to the success of the technology. The non-contact technology is suitable for various environments, including urban areas and challenging regions.

The “Xingguo” project was jointly developed by the Jiangxi University of Science and Technology and companies including China Railway Science & Industry Group Co. and the National Rare Earth Functional Material Innovation Centre.

Many strategically emerging industries, such as new materials, AI, wireless communications, and intelligent manufacturing, are used in the train.

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