From 4 Hours to 2.25: Brightline Revolutionary Train Service to Connect LA and Vegas

April 29, 2023
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Source- Brightline

It takes around 4 hours to drive from Los Angeles (LA) to Las Vegas (LV). Brightline’s plan is to launch a high-speed train service between the two cities in 2027. Travel time between LA and Vegas will be reduced by the new service to just 2.25 hours.

It may be even faster with the new train service than flying, which typically takes 1.15 hours plus security checks and check-in time. Mike Reininger, Brightline CEO, believes the project will serve as a blueprint for connecting other city pairs.

Progress was made recently by Brightline West towards the project’s realization, including government support for federal funding. Starting in San Bernardino, California, the train service will make a stop in Victor Valley before ending near the Las Vegas Strip.

Speeds up to 186 mph are expected to be reached by the electric bullet train. According to Brightline’s estimates, the train could reduce the number of cars on the road by 3 million per year.

The claim of the company is that the train will prevent 400, 000 tons of carbon from entering the air annually. Congestion on highways will be alleviated by the new train, with roughly 50 million one-way trips made annually between LA and LV.

At full operation, the train is expected to execute 12 million one-way trips per year. Free onboard Wi-Fi, food, beverages, luggage storage, and hotel check-in services will be offered by the train. Before the pandemic, over 38 million tourists visited Las Vegas, but in 2022, there was a decline in visitors from California. It could be easier for South Californians to visit Las Vegas with the new train service.

$4 billion in federal funds are being sought by government leaders in Nevada and California to bring the project to fruition. The Biden administration has been asked by a bipartisan congressional group to fast-track funding for the project.

According to Brightline, the train could create 40, 000 construction jobs and 1,000 permanent jobs. $10 billion will be needed to lay tracks along the Interstate 15 corridor. The success of the project will depend on Biden’s decision regarding federal funding. $3.75 billion in federal funding is being sought by Brightline West for the project.

The belief of the government officials is that the train service will boost the economy and create thousands of jobs. Jacky Rosen, a Nevada senator, believes the train will make southern Nevada more accessible to millions of visitors.

A convenient and eco-friendly alternative for travelers between LA and Vegas is expected to be offered by the new train.

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