Rocket Launch Gone Wrong: Sweden’s Experiment Lands in Norway

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Source- SSC

Sweden Space Corp. (SSC) launched a research rocket that malfunctioned and landed inside neighboring Norway. The rocket managed to touch an altitude of 250 kilometers (155.34 miles) where zero gravity experiments were carried out. The rocket eventually landed in the mountains at an altitude of 1,000 meters, 10 kilometers from the nearest settlement.

Both the Swedish and Norwegian governments were kept updated in case of emergencies. Retrieval of the payload is underway while investigation into the unplanned flight path continues. The Norwegian authorities take any unauthorized activity on their side of the border seriously.

Generally, those responsible for border violations have to inform relevant Norwegian authorities immediately. The Norwegian foreign ministry has not received a formal notification of the incident from Sweden. Prior consent is required for work on Norwegian territory to salvage any wreckage.

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The SSC spokesperson stated that the rocket came down far from any settlement. The Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority did not come forward for a comment. The incident involved the TEXUS 58 research rocket launched by SSC.

The rocket malfunctioned during the experiment phase in zero gravity. The investigation will determine the technical details behind the unplanned flight path. The SSC is a Swedish government agency that carries out space activities for the country. The agency, later achieved to recover the rocket and got it back to Esrange in Sweden.

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