The GasGas Urban Cruiser: A Supermoto-Inspired E-Bike for Urban Adventurers.

July 8, 2023
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GasGas, a renowned motorcycle brand, has expanded its product range by entering the urban mobility market with the introduction of an e-bike. The GasGas Urban Cruiser, unveiled at Eurobike 2023, draws inspiration from classic California beach cruiser-style bicycles.

GasGas, now part of the Pierer Mobility group along with KTM and Husqvarna, has gained popularity in the mainstream two-wheeler industry. The Urban Cruiser is a one-size-fits-all e-bike that combines a supermoto appearance with modern appeal.

GasGas has made its mark in various motorcycle disciplines, including enduro, motocross, and road racing in MotoGP. The GasGas Urban Cruiser stands out in its class by blending form and functionality. With its extra-long seat bench, the Urban Cruiser offers a relaxed riding position that accommodates riders of all sizes. The e-bike features 20-inch wheels, providing it with a supermoto flair.

GasGas offers different battery options for the Urban Cruiser, including up to a 672Wh capacity. In the U.S. market, the Urban Cruiser will come with a throttle and a 750-watt motor for added power and control. GasGas partnered with renowned artist Troy Lee for a live paint session on the Urban Cruiser at Eurobike. The GasGas Moto e-bike takes inspiration from beach bikes seen along the California coast but adds an urban twist.

The Moto e-bike features a powerful 750-watt rear hub motor that offers an exhilarating riding experience. In the U.S. version of the Moto, a throttle grip is included to enhance the fun factor. The sturdy steel tubular frame of the Moto e-bike is designed to accommodate riders of various shapes and sizes. The extra-long seat bench and motocross-inspired tail section contribute to the distinctive design of the Moto.

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The Moto rolls on 20-inch wheels with fat tires and is equipped with front and rear disc brakes for reliable stopping power. The GasGas Moto is not intended for off-road use, as both the front and rear ends are rigid. GasGas offers a pedal-assisted option for the Moto, along with a rear hub motor and a 672Wh battery.

The GasGas Moto e-bike meets the demands of all-day riding with its efficient pedal-assist system. In addition to the regular version, GasGas will offer a special U.S. version of the Moto with a maximum motor output of 750W.

GasGas plans to introduce the Moto urban cruiser at Eurobike, Europe’s largest bicycle show held in Frankfurt, Germany. Industry legend Troy Lee will be present at Eurobike to perform a live paint session on the GasGas Moto e-bike.

GasGas will provide demo bikes for potential customers to test ride and experience the Moto’s capabilities.

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