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Equip Thrilling Performance with Bosch’s Lightweight Performance Line SX E-Bike System

June 29, 2023
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The unveiling of the Bosch Performance Line SX e-bike system is indeed exciting news for sporty riders looking for a lightweight and agile electric bike. The Performance Line SX is designed to cater to various types of e-bikes, including electric gravel bikes, urban e-bikes, and lightweight electric mountain bikes. One of its standout features is its low weight, which is highly desirable for riders seeking a more nimble riding experience.

The Performance Line SX motor boasts a peak power output of 600 watts and generates 55 Newton-meters of torque. What sets it apart from previous Bosch motors is its reduced weight, coming in at just 2 kilograms. When paired with the CompactTube 400 battery, which weighs another 2 kilograms, the entire system weighs a total of 4 kilograms. This weight reduction was enabled through the use of a magnesium motor housing and lighter internal components.

The motor system functions similarly to Bosch’s existing CX motor, allowing riders to adjust settings through the brand’s app. Additionally, the Performance Line SX introduces a new Sprint mode, which offers increased motor support as the rider’s cadence increases. This mode enables riders to accelerate faster and maintain higher speeds closer to the motor’s cutoff point. Notably, the new motor system also reduces pedaling resistance by 50% compared to previous Bosch motors, making it easier to pedal when the battery is depleted or when riding above the motor cutoff point.

Despite its lightweight design, the Performance Line SX doesn’t compromise on power. It delivers ample torque and a peak power output of 600 watts, making it suitable for demanding scenarios such as hill climbs and sprints.

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The system is compatible with the Bosch Mini Remote, a compact and user-friendly controller with three buttons for selecting different riding modes: Tour+, eMTB, and Sprint. The Performance Line SX motor system is expected to start appearing on bikes later this year, with Norco’s new Fluid VLT model already confirmed to be equipped with it.

Bosch’s new lightweight Performance Line SX e-bike system addresses the demand for sporty and agile electric bikes. With its reduced weight, increased power, and additional features like Sprint mode, it aims to enhance the riding experience for those seeking a high-performance e-bike.

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