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BYD’s Denza N7: A Formidable Rival to Tesla’s Model Y with Over 20,000 Pre-orders

July 8, 2023
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The Chinese electric car giant BYD is launching a direct competitor to Tesla’s Model Y. The Denza N7 all-electric SUV has already received over 20,000 pre-orders, indicating customer interest in the new electric SUV. The model will be priced between 301,800 yuan to 379,800 yuan, closely rivaling the pricing of Tesla’s Model Y in China. Deliveries of the Denza N7 are set to start approximately two weeks following the launch announcement. The model is a competitor of the Tesla Model Y and Nio ES6 and its target is the premium midsize crossover segment.

A key feature of the model is that it allows for quicker charging and enhanced user convenience thanks to its fast battery charging technology. The collaboration between the Denza brand and the Mercedes-Benz Group has been highlighted by the 10% stake that the group holds in the brand. Denza’s previous electric model, the D9 multi-purpose vehicle, has been performing exceptionally well with sales exceeding 10,000 units per month since March. BYD has demonstrated a desire to put pressure on prominent automakers in the market, as seen through its media blitz and confidence in the Denza N7.

The Denza N7 has gained a high level of interest. Not only did the launch event gain attention, a live stream on Weibo gained 2 million views. The Denza brand plans to expand its reach by releasing the D9 in markets that span across Hong Kong, Macao, and Europe. Denza aims to establish itself as a competitor of high-end German Brands like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi in the luxury SUV segment.  The N7 appeals to customers who are privacy conscious with its independent chip storage and the ability to turn off cameras. It offers users augmented reality head-up displays that project digital information onto the road in front of the driver. Certain models of the N7 provide a smoother ride to its users through BYD’s new shock absorption technology, competing with domestic rivals. 

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The new model has an assisted driving system that utilizes Qualcomm chips and Nvidia Orin, common features of such systems. The Denza N7 appeals to its young customers through its in-car connectivity. It is the perfect feature for those you prioritise in car usage of mobile phones. Experts from the industry predict high competition in the Chinese new energy vehicle market with rising prices above 400,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan. The Denza N7 launch coincides with a rebound in deliveries for major electric car startups like Nio, Xpeng, and Li Auto. 

BYD has shown an 84% increase from its previous year’s sales by selling 128,196 battery-powered passenger cars in June and established itself as a dominant player in the market. The latest model has been marketed through the display of positive reviews obtained from local car media who went through test drives of the vehicle. By building trust and transparency the new model displays BYD’s commitment to providing high-quality electric vehicles and expanding its presence in the EV industry. The Denza N7 launch event also witnesses a live music performance as the entertainment factor to the unveiling of the electric SUV. The enthusiasm and interest of the public was displayed through the strong viewership on Weibo.

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