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Silence S04: Redefining Urban Mobility with Compact Size and Swappable Batteries

June 20, 2023
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For quite some time, Silence, the e-scooter manufacturer, has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle sector in Spain, dominating sales charts. With its rising popularity, the company has steadily expanded its presence across Europe, aiming to contribute to a higher quality of life, enhanced commuting convenience, and the creation of noise and pollution-free cities.

The distinguishing feature of all Silence products, including their scooters, lies in their use of revolutionary swappable batteries. These groundbreaking batteries are equipped with built-in trolley wheels, allowing for easy removal and carrying inside for charging. Now, Silence is bringing this technology to four-wheelers with the introduction of their first-ever microcar, the Silence S04.

While there are several electric microcars available on the market, the Silence S04 stands out due to its utilization of these innovative batteries. These batteries strike a balance between providing long-range driving capabilities and being small enough to be easily removable for convenient at-home charging. The S04 boasts two of these batteries, offering a combined capacity of 11.2 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Each of these batteries requires approximately six hours to fully recharge.

The microcar is powered by a single electric motor.  It can provide a constant power output of 14 kilowatts and can peak at 22 kW. This enables the S04 to achieve a top speed of 53 miles per hour (85 kilometers per hour) in the top-spec L7e version. It boasts a range of 92 miles (149 kilometers) in the World Motorcycle Test Cycle (WMTC), with the Eco mode providing a slightly lower range of 77 miles (125 kilometers). Designed primarily for city use due to its compact size, Silence’s S04 offers the safety and comfort of a car combined with the agility of a motorcycle.

S04 has a compact size, measuring 89.7 inches (2.28 meters) in length, 50.7 inches (1.29 meters) in width, and 62.6 inches (1.59 meters) in height. It can effortlessly navigate through urban streets while comfortably accommodating two people. Its compact size ensures maneuverability on various roads, including narrow streets found in cities like those in Italy. The microcar weighs 992 pounds (450 kilograms), with the battery pack accounting for 180 pounds (82 kilograms). According to the Spanish-based startup, this weight configuration provides a driving range of 92 miles (149 kilometers) in the WMTC, with the Eco mode offering a slightly lower range of 77 miles (125 kilometers).

Recharging the battery packs requires approximately six hours to reach a full state of charge (SoC). Both battery packs can be charged simultaneously using separate European household sockets (Shuko-type plug). Standard features of the Silence S04 L7e model include a 7-inch central screen, electric handbrake, disc brakes on all wheels, electric windows and mirrors, central locking, and a 247-liter trunk for storing small bags and groceries. Optional features include ABS and air-conditioning.

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Following the release of the L7e version, Silence plans to introduce a lower-performance L6e variant, powered by a 6-kilowatt motor and featuring a top speed limited to 28 mph (45 kilometers per hour). This variant allows younger drivers and individuals without a driver’s license to operate the microcar, depending on the country’s regulations.

The starting price for the Silence S04 microcar is approximately $7,050 (6,580€) without batteries. To use the swap stations, a monthly subscription is required. For those who prefer full ownership of the microcar and its batteries, the cost amounts to around $10,900 (10,180€). In the realm of European microcars, where vehicles like the Squad Solar EV, Citroen Ami, Microlino, and City Transformer are vying for recognition in the field of urban mobility, the Silence S04 presents an intriguing proposition.

Silence’s battery design incorporates a clever feature found in their scooters—drop-down wheels that pop out when the battery is removed, transforming the battery into a trolley-like package complete with a collapsible handle. With the S04 L7e version now in production, Silence aims to revolutionize urban transportation and provide a sustainable, efficient, and versatile mobility solution.

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