Fat Albert: The Innovative Electric Scooter Revolutionizing Urban Mobility

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Fat Albert scooter
source - fat-albert.de

Electric scooters are a quick and greener mode of transport in urban cities. They are handy and practical because of their maneuverability in urban street conditions. Electric scooters are affordable and fuel-efficient. In addition to their practicality, electric scooters also offer a long range between charges.
Albert Ebenbichler, a designer and mechanical engineer from Germany, designed his own electric scooter called Fat Albert. Fat Albert focuses on utility and the joy of transportation. It has a large storage compartment that can be compared to a wheeled storage compartment with an electric motor.
The scooter’s storage capacity is 70 liters, enough to store two suitcases.

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Accessibility is slightly compromised with Fat Albert, as it requires swinging a leg over it instead of the step-through frame design. The seat height is suitable for riders of all heights, including shorter riders.
Fat Albert’s three-kilowatt electric motor allows it to reach four horsepower. With its top speed of around 45 km/h, it’s a useful bike for standard driving license holders. The scooter boasts a pair of 60-volt, 20-amp-hour batteries. It offers a total range of 120.7 km on a single charge. Charging the batteries fully takes approximately four hours using a standard household outlet.

Fat Albert and Albert Ebenbichler have been nominated for the German Innovation Prize 2023. The basic model of Fat Albert is priced at €4,970 and is scheduled for delivery in June 2023. Electric scooters are an ideal choice for sustainable and practical mobility. Fat Albert’s storage compartment can hold two suitcases, making it similar to rideable suitcases at airports. The scooter’s performance qualifies it for standard driving licenses and certain motorcycle licenses. Fat Albert’s battery technology provides a range of 75 miles on a single charge and takes about four hours to charge via a household socket.

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