Lit Motors’ C-1 Combines the Best of Both Two-Wheeler & Four-Wheeler Worlds

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Source - Lit Motors

Lit Motors has built a vehicle like no other called the C-1, which they claim to have the useful benefits of a motorcycle and the convenience of a car. Just with two wheels, the C-1 is fully enclosed and self-balancing, making it as good as a car or better in many ways. Lit Motors first introduced the C-1 in 2011, but experienced many hurdles back then. Now they are back and taking pre-orders for a 2 wheeler they boast to be an equivalent of a 4 wheeler.

When the C-1 was first unveiled, it was received well by those seeking an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cars. This small vehicle is a one-passenger two-wheeler EV for $24,000. Lit initially started taking pre-orders in 2015 but suddenly stopped after two years. Later they returned depositor’s money and went off from the limelight.

Lit’s CEO, Danny Kim, is now back with a newer C-1, which is priced at $32,000. Now to reserve one C-1, customers have to pay $250 and will also receive additional merchandise and a certificate. C-1’s two gyroscopic systems can keep it balanced, just like a car. It is powered by a 13kWh battery that has a range of about 200 miles. C-1 can charge in four hours with its 220-volt outlet and needs eight hours with a 110-volt outlet. The C-1 can plunge zero-to-60 in approximately five seconds and has a top speed of over 100 mph.

Lit Motors is experienced with production with its Kubo scooter. Kubo also uses gyroscopic stabilization like the C-1. The Kubo scooter was built for urban deliveries in mind and has a square void in the center of its frame for packages and light cargo. It is an alternative to vehicles like the Nimbus and Arcimoto three-wheelers.

Lit Motors has managed to develop a fully enclosed and self balancing two-wheeler, the C-1. Lit Motors can use pre-order reservations to begin production. The production experience during the Kubo scooter will come handy and it can produce dependable personal EVs because of its helpful experience during the production of Kubo.  

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